My Top 5 Must Do in order to Feel Like Having a Productive Day

*Forget the numbering, don’t necessarily have to come in this order

1. Reading 

It doesn’t matter what I read but it must be at least 500 word long. I perceive myself as an avid reader. I read whenever I can, wherever I can. I like reading when I am queuing, visiting the loo and whenever I have to kill time. I especially enjoy reading in the garden, preferably alone, don’t mind a few pedestrians or joggers but I’d really feel grateful when there is just the sound of the nature accompanying my reading time. Reading at night also gives me tons of pleasure. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Kindle so I use iPad to read in the evening at the small park, on a bench.

2. 1st Rock of the Day

This is the toughest or should say, unpleasant work I need to do. Every self-help book will tell you this, tick off the hardest work in the morning before you do anything. So usually this is what I’d do right after I brushed my teeth. I mean, I gotta brush my teeth first right?

3. 2nd Rock of the Day

I’m not sure if you were familiar with the Urgency slash Importance Matrix – 1.Urgent/Important, 2. Urgent/Not important, 3. Not urgent/Important, and 4.Not urgent/Not important. If you were not, you can always google it. Anyways, 2nd Rock of the Day can either fall into the 2nd or 3rd category.

4. 3rd Rock of the Day

3rd Rock’s my favorite but it’s something I usually put off because of all kinds of reasons. I am currently preparing my first manuscript ever. I really wanna publish a book someday. However, as a perfectionist, I’m just really good at making excuses. So as you might have already known, that’s my biggest hindrance to calling my day, productive. God help me!

5. Writing Journal

Yeah! An hour before bed every night, I try to unplug every digital device I have and just crawl into my bed with my little journal and a pen. I’m not sure about other people’s diary, yeah, I use these words interchangeably. To me they mean the same albeit my Grammar lecturer once said that Diary means things you write with timeline and journal is more reflective and focused, usually with only one or two incidents. I don’t believe her, it’s a journal for Pete’s sake, it’s personal. I write the way I want it. So what I do is that I jot down everything I remember during the day, what I observed and experienced, people I met, how I felt, and the list goes on. IMG_1590


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