5 friends I need

We all need friends but there are some friends whom we should stay away from. I’m going to write another blog on that but this blog will be focused on those we need. I’m not sure about you but I personally need these 5 friends of mine.

  1. My trendy friend

This friend of mine shares with me the latest movies, music, book, fashion and whatnot. We enjoy our entertainment as a way to release stress, we go shopping together and explore new restaurants. We spend time chillaxing at the coffee shop and enjoy our coffee or tea with our conversation always revolving around our interest towards the plot, the setting and the all sorts of elements in entertainment.

  1. The girl next door

We talk about Spiritual stuffs. We help each other to grow in Christ. We share our struggles as we live in this era as Christians, what we faced, what we have to deal with, how we handle problems or doubts towards religion. We share our perspectives in many biblical aspects. We learn each other’s advice and pray for each other. I cherish the most about this friend is that she always reminds me of my spiritual condition and to help me with the reality while relying on God at all times.

  1. The brilliant one

This friend is smarter than me. Having conversation with this friend is like attending a lecture or an educational talk because it is full of knowledge. I can always learn something from this friend. Whenever I have a question I don’t have the answer, I will definitely think of this friend and most of the time, he can actually provide me with something that I never thought of. I love listening to this friend, how he analyses things and the ways he sees things really amazes me. I just love the way his brain works, how he processes his thoughts, how he delivers his message and how he is always a confident, eloquent speaker. Just brilliant!

  1. My drinking buddy

Next is my drinking buddy whom I only look for whenever I need a drink. We are not addicted to alcohol, or so we thought but we are truly passionate about drinking. I love my drinking buddy because sometimes I cannot finish my drink, she would help me out and I’d do the same. Drinking together is fun. We like to taste different alcohol, we like to try new flavor, but as we learned, new is not always better.

  1. My counselor or my client

This one is the most intimate friend I have. Things we talk about are emotional. We are able to cry in front of each other but we rarely cry together so we just give each other a shoulder to cry on. We are not afraid to expose our weaknesses in front of each other but when whoever holds the counselor’s role will act especially tough because the client will be very vulnerable. This is not a friend whom I look for to get advice or to ask for solutions. I simply need a pair of ears or someone to be there. I need to hear the sound of approval, the sound of acknowledgement, or sound of encouragement, for example, telling me, there there, I hear you. It’s okay, we’ll get through this.

So these are my 5 friends whom I treasure most. As closing, I’d like to use the famous quote, to have a friend is to be a friend. So, yeah, choose one role that is beneficial for your friendship so that you don’t have to worry about being eliminated or replaced. Till next time!


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