The Pain of Sharing…

No, this is not a selfish blog written by a selfish bastard (although everybody is selfish in some way, or am i just wrong, i don’t know). Hang on, I’m just writing on the list of the things that I can do if I were to have a single room all by myself during my university life instead of sharing with a roommate.

1. Sleep naked (or do anything else naked)

Recent studies showed that sleeping naked is rather healthy. Two websites actually supported this statement, you can check it out and In addition to its benefits, i just simply love sleeping naked because it makes me feel so relaxed. Walking in the room naked also feels extremely comfortable. One more thing on this “naked” item is that, after my shower, I don’t like to put on clothes in the bathroom. The bathroom is small and wet. By not sharing a room, I get to just change my clothes in the room itself where it’s more spacious and dry.

2. Decoration

I do decorate my room. What I mean here is that your space for decoration is limited when you’re sharing with someone. Besides, your roommate may share a totally different sense of style and taste when it comes to design and decoration. It just makes your entire room looks and feels odd.

3. Sing on top of my lungs or dance wildly to shake some fat off

Forget about dancing, my roommate is going to go crazy once I start dancing in front of her. I love singing! With a roommate around, I just can’t sing freely. And it’s rude ‘coz I probably don’t sing so well and so it’s disturbing to my roommate. But sometimes I just feel this song is so nice that I really wanna sing along, and I’m forbidden to do so, it just feels sucks. The worst is when I’m stressed and I just wanna let it all out, I can’t.

4. My room is my own gym

I don’t get to work out in the room because I will be in her way and it will make things so inconvenient for her. Even just a little stretching felt super awkward with her presence.

5. Play ukulele anytime I want

Well, I learned ukulele and it’s really nice if only I can play it every once in a while during my 10 min break from reading or studying.

6. Play movies or music without using earphones

Do you know that wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times? I read this somewhere I don’t know how true that is but it’s scary enough so I try to diminish the time I use earphones. However, it’s really not possible when there are so many interesting yet educational videos, audios, entertaining movies, soap operas, sitcoms and music available online!

7. Skype with my boyfriend in Japan (that also include having any phone calls with anyone anytime)

It’s hard enough to fix a time for us to chit chat using the social network tool, I have to also consider respecting my dear roommate and take my iPad elsewhere instead of lying comfortably on my bed and talk freely.

8. Practice Presentation skills

There are a lot of presentations going on every semester in university. Practice makes perfect so it’s important to practice presenting in front of the mirror, go through the points over and over again *out loud*, practice intonation and posture of standing. These are not allowed in the shared room. Bummer.

9. Having someone sleepover

So your friend decided to pay you a visit, you guys have endless things to talk about and catch up so instead of staying at the nearest hotel, you wanna ask her to stay over but wait, you have a roommate. Before you can say anything like, “let me ask my roommate first and see if it’s okay then i’ll get back to you”, your friend would be like, “oh you have a roommate, it’s okay then.”

10. Be emotional

Those days when you are so sad, you just wanna be left alone, your room is your best choice but too bad, someone will be there. You just have to tell your tears to suck it. You’re lucky if you can easily cry even with people around, but most of us just wanna keep our emotional side to ourselves. Besides, crying also makes the other person feel awkward.

Mostly you can’t do these things because 1, you will feel awkward when someone is around or 2, you will disturb your roommate. It’s all come down to two words, be considerate. Hope you enjoy reading. Do share with me some of the things you can do in a non-shared room by commenting, thank you 🙂 Till next Tuesday!


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