“Decluttered,” Said by the Mild Hoarder.

Recently I just got back from Japan. I visited the country for half a month. It was considered a long trip for me and when I was packing and unpacking, it dawned on me that it was time to declutter my space and remove some of the stuffs that I will never ever need.

It was easy to do that at my home back in my hometown because most of my stuffs have already been moved to where I am studying now. And when I said most of my stuffs, I mean it, my friend used to tease me saying that I have transferred my entire closet to fit my closet now because truly, I left no piece of garment in my hometown. I always believed the saying that goes something like, it’s best to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it. This principle had brought me this far and I am ready to get rid of it along with all my unnecessary stuffs. Well, if I truly need something, I can buy a new one or if it cannot be replaced, I’ll learn to deal with it, it’s not like the end of the world, it’s just an item.

I wasn’t as efficient as having boxes that might be labeled as KEEP, THROW, and DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO ABOUT. I wish I was but I really wasn’t and I figure I would have that when I am moving in with my future husband someday. I used to be a mild hoarder, I’m not sure if that adjective was used correctly, just in case you don’t know what I mean, a mild hoarder is someone who hoards a little. Well, to be fair, everybody is a mild hoarder, I guess you can have a totally another category to rank the severity of a hoarder based on the stuffs one hoards or the quality of the stuffs one hoards, I don’t know and I’m getting too long-winded this morning. Anyway, the point is, I hoarded a little and now I need to get through a real big process to declutter my stuffs.

To make things clear, if you have been reading my blog, you’d know that I sleep with a roommate. So, my room is basically divided into half. I have a working table (or dining table, sometimes I eat at it), it consists of a long drawer and three other drawers (below I shared a picture and you can see clearly the long drawer but not the other drawers, only a small part was captured and only the first one has a lock on it, the other two have no locks). I have a closet which has two drawers and a big space for me to put my clothes in. Technically, I can put my clothes in the two drawers as well which I did, I used to keep my lingerie and other accessories. However, ever since it was invaded by some unwelcome guests – disgusting roaches, I cleared the drawers, removed the bloody stench, and put some soaps in them. Lucky for me, that was the last time I’ve seen one of them crawling out from my closet but I would still not want to take the risk to put my undergarments there to be ruined so I put books in them instead, I mean they won’t bite books right? So now one of the drawers is labeled as PLEASURE (as in pleasure reading) and another one as WORK (as in I read to enhance my performance on my work). Outside my room, I also have a small locker to keep my simple kitchenware and some food. Oh yeah, I have a bed of course. Do I really need to mention the fridge as well? That’s it, imagine, I have to cram everything to fit all this, what do you call them? furniture? ah whatever.

Okay, enough said, I’m not going to bore you with the tedious process of decluttering, long story short, I’ve packed a huge bag of clothes to give away, a few piles of papers (notes and more notes that I always believed I would refer to them someday, which I never did, not even once in two years), and plenty of plastic bags of little stuffs that I can’t even remember why I hoarded them in the first place.


This is a picture of my table, I know this is not exactly convincing about the fact that I no longer hoard but trust me, I really threw away oh so many stuffs! Besides, look at the wall, the drawings and colored papers are good to go once I move, or will they? Hahaha, till next Tuesday!


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