The Old and New Highlights of My Every Week

Monday – Gym


Monday night I’ll hit the gym with two girlfriends. The goal isn’t to lose weight or become more fit although these goals are the outcomes that I will eventually gain if and only if I persevere. I like to see myself showing up at the gym just for sake of training my perseverance. As I reflect on the years I’ve spent giving up on things easily mostly because of the “busyness of life”, I have made up my mind to take charge of my schedule. It is my schedule, I make the call and I will stick to whatever I have set my heart on. I can choose not to be busy and be productive instead.

Tuesday – Blog


You know Tuesday is blog day. I write and post. Ever since I’ve changed my blog’s name to Tuesday is Blog Day, this is my 5th post on a Tuesday 😀 It’s been a great journey and I’m still enjoying the ride!

Wednesday – Movie


So we all know Wednesday is the hump day! It means in most of the theaters (or all of the theaters, I’m not quite sure but trust me, it’s a thing) they actually sell cheaper tickets. Well, it’s not necessary that I go to the cinema to catch a movie, I can always do it in my room. And when that happens, if i happen to have no movie to watch, I’ll watch a sitcom, a soup opera or a reality TV show for a standard movie duration which I believe is anything above 90 minutes.

Thursday – Anything can Happen (idea adapted from my favorite sitcom character, Sheldon Cooper)

Ah, I love Thursdays. Instead of taking every third Thursday in a month to be Anything can Happen Thursday (AcHT) just like Sheldon Cooper and the boys did, I dedicate every Thursday to be AcHT. Thursday is that one day in each week when I get to be creative. I can play ukulele for a few hours, I can read in the park, I can visit the library, the museum, or the supermarket, I can even move one of the highlights of another day to this day and have two same highlights in a week like Sheldon did in Season 2 Episode 20 when he suggested to go to the comic book store on Thursday although Wednesday is the day they usually go to the comic book store.

Friday – Food


Like reading and writing, eating is part of my routine but I would still dedicate Friday for Food, not only because they start with the same letter but more importantly, I wanna eat for pleasure on Friday. I wanna indulge myself with food that is worth taking pictures 😀

Saturday – Japanese Language


I’m self-learning Japanese language since I started dating my Japanese boyfriend and honestly I have been procrastinating. My recent trip to Japan made me realize how important it is to pick up the language so that I can communicate with his family and on a different level of importance, survive in Japan. So on every Saturday, starting on this week, I’ll start or more specifically, continue learning the grammar, the Kanji and everything. I also would like to try setting an hour on every Saturday to be Japanese Hour, which means that at this hour, I will speak no other language other than Japanese.

Sunday – Church


Sabbath. The hardest thing a workaholic like me has to do is to do absolutely nothing. But thanks Jesus who said in Mark 2:27, The Sabbath is made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So, I’ll choose to rest on this day, spend more quality time with my Heavenly Father.


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