Report of the First Week

Well, since I wrote on the highlights of my week on my last post, I thought of writing a report for my very first week trying out the grand plan. However, I promise the next blog will be on something else. I won’t wanna bore my readers to read about my everyday life.

Here’s the thing, having a highlight for each day in a week does not mean that I will only do those things. It just reminds me that on that day, I’d spend, no, I don’t like to use the word “spend”, it makes me feel like the time I’ve used is going to be wasted, although we can never go back in time but I sure like to think that it was used to benefit the future, I think the word, “invest” is a better verb for describing how time is used. So, as I was saying, on every particular day, I’d invest most of my time on something and little time for everything else.

Lemme cut to the chase, to be exact, after announcing my plan on this blog, I officially began this journey on a Wednesday. So, my biggest success was on the first day. Beginner’s luck I guess. On Wednesday last week, a friend and I went to the cinema and watched Jurassic World. We bought the tickets at eleventh hour and there were only 4 random seats left. But my friend wanted to watch the movie so badly, even the ticket seller behind the glass despised us for buying the crappy seats. Anyway, I got a seat in the first row and my friend took one in the second row. 2 hours of watching the movie “with my nose in the air” without offending anybody. Gosh, my neck was tortured. Anyway, we decided to sit front and back to each other so I asked the one sitting next to me if she could kindly change her seat with me. They thought we’re lesbians. But the truth was, we just needed to share the popcorn. And that my dear, did not work out at all. Because even before the movie began, the first time I passed the popcorn to her and she dropped it. I don’t wanna comment on the movie just in case some of you haven’t watched it. I believe if you truly wanna watch something, you shouldn’t let anybody’s judgment to stop you from watching and really just decide for yourself whether it’s nice or not.

Anything-can-happen Thursday was just a peaceful day. It should be named, Nothing-Happened Thursday, so to speak.

Friday was another failure because you know what, on every other day I took a picture of nice food I had but on this day, I ate something plain and ordinary. *sigh* Here’s a combination of pictures of the food I’ve taken on the other 6 days in the week.


Saturday was supposed to be Japanese Language Day but I went to church for a movie retreat. It was nice, we watched an old film, THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, and were asked to reflect on our own life through the film. We experienced the silent lunch, the silent hours whereby we had a conversation with God, wrote down our thoughts and feelings, all this to take our mind off the mundane things and come close to the divine God. I admit I dozed off during one of my prayers. It was not easy to obtain a peaceful mind especially I suck at meditation – I’m not talking about the kind of meditation which you dwell your thoughts on issues as you go about your day like what you’re going to eat, to do and to say, I’m talking about the kind where one sits down quietly and just focus on breathing and then focus on a particular matter instead of allowing one’s mind to wander. I am still very far from being that disciplined.

Moving on, Sunday was Church Day.  I did attend the morning service and did my spiritual reading but not that intensive I’d say because I kinda had the intention to swap the highlight with yesterday. And that’s what I did, I worked on my Japanese language. I labelled my room with Japanese words – here’s a combo picture of what I labelled.


On Monday, I hit a different gym. One of my friends said she found a new place and wanted to check it out. So we decided that we’re going to first explore all the gyms in Kampar, maybe not all, just to see which one we like best and then we’ll stick to it for the rest of the semester. 2 girls joined us and so we have 5 members now. Great, exercising and bonding, suits me best coz I’m a multitasker, something I hate to admit but it’s true, I can’t seem to just do one thing at a time, oh wait, I am writing this blog and this blog only. Maybe I am not truly a multitasker. I don’t know. Multitasking is an interesting topic, I think I’ll write a blog on that one later. See, I’m multitasking in my mind and now I’m putting my thoughts into words, damnit. Anyway, back to my Gym Monday. Actually I did not digress that much, I’m still on the matter of multitasking. So last night, I was on the treadmill. In the beginning I was reading on my iPad as I walked. Then, I increased the speed gradually, and then I started sweating already so I thought, okay, it’s time to take my specs off and start jogging. Without my specs, I can’t read my e-book, I can’t watch the TV in front of me as well. So I started staring out the window. It got boring so fast and I thought maybe I can rest my eyes, which was the worst idea ever. I didn’t realize that I was running backward; thank God I opened my eyes (for no reason) soon enough and jumped out from the treadmill, with style and a shocking ah. Yeah, I got down with style, it was pretty cool actually, or at least that was how I imagined myself to be. But the most awkward part was me jumping back in the treadmill and continued running. Guess you should see it to find it funny, funny as in, both ha-ha and strange.

Tuesday! Today, yeah, I wrote a blog! I must say I’m getting very comfortable to write in the morning while everybody was still in their dreamland. But I must not get cocky ‘coz I know how fragile a writer would be. Inspiration doesn’t come every day. There are definitely ups and downs for this path but as the saying goes, the going gets tough, the tough gets going. I wanna be the tough one, but like bathing, we need motivation every day, so I guess it’s best to live in the moment and do your best at the moment!

I know it’s kinda a long post, thanks for sticking out with me till the 7th day. See you next week! I hope you’re motivated to begin your own week with highlights. Here’s a tip on how you can do, observe each and every day, see what activity you invent the most time in a day, whatever that is, that’s your highlight!


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