What TASKs in multiTASKing are we talking about?

I’m sure you have heard people saying how counterproductive is about multitasking. Well, I don’t wish to believe it but it’s not entirely wrong. If you were to google “multitask” on images, you’d see a ton of (i.e. not all) pictures of people having multiple hands. These so-called cockamamie pictures actually hold some truth in it which we tend to ignore at times. The visualization tells us 2 things – it is nearly impossible to multitask (at least not in this way) because you simply have no more than two arms. If you have people to assist you, you wouldn’t be seen as multitasking, you’re delegating. Next, if you were to notice the pictures carefully, the person is actually staring at only one thing. Although it seems that he or she is accomplishing many tasks, he or she is actually focusing at only ONE task and ignoring the rest. However, fret not! I understand how limited 24 hours a day can be and I’m not asking you to get rid of the bad habit entirely but I’m here to tell you what kind of tasks you can multitask so you can stick to these and try to do the rest by focusing on one thing at one time. I suppose, I should make it clear first that I don’t support juggling more than 2 things at a time. For me, 2 tasks are the limit. For those of you who can, I salute you (or rather I think that you’re just fooling yourselves). Anyway, if you’re able to apply the secret which I’m about to reveal and find it working with your more-than-two-task-multitasking, then by all means, persist in what you’re doing.

My secret to multitasking effectively is simple: You either pick one task which is a no-brainer (or to use a clinical term, things you do autopilot, basically means that the things you do without having to think about it) and matches with another task that demands at least 80% of your consciousness or you pick both tasks that are no-brainer. You get it? You see where I’m going with this? Below are just some of the examples of NO BRAINER TASKS. Remember, they are not exhaustive, it’d be great if you can create your own list.


1. Doing laundry

2. Doing the dishes

3. Listening to the music (some argue that they like to consciously sing along with it, it really depends on you, for me, i’m writing this blog with some classical music in the background.)

4. Cycling, or basically all types of commute (some argue that it’s dangerous, driving is a grey area coz you still can listen to an audio book, just don’t get too soaked in I guess)

5. Working out (in fact, if you do it consciously, you’d feel so exhausted and easily demotivated by its boredom)

6. Sipping a beverage

7. Scrolling Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr (Don’t do that with full concentration, that’s going to eat up a lot of your time)

8. Peeing or doing your big business (just don’t sit there for too long)

9. Brushing teeth (a great way to ensure you brush for 2-minute long – listen to a song)

10. Waiting (I’m not sure this count but there are times when we have to wait in line, don’t just stand there, do something, read a book or talk to somebody)

The rule of thumb to effective multitasking, or to be exact, dual-tasking, is to exploit your two non-contradicting skills at the same time. By non-contradicting, I mean for example, you can’t talk while you listen, or you can’t eat while you shit, I’m sorry that’s not contradicting but that’s just gross, you get what I mean, alright, see ya next week!


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