Let’s Talk About Dreams

I’m not going to lie, I am stuck. I can’t think of a nice blog post idea to write about. Usually, in one of the days in a week, an idea will come to me and I’d jot it down in my notebook so when Tuesday arrives, I’d write about it. But not last week. I had nothing. Well then, here’s a small tip about overcoming writer’s block on blogging. Try to think about the incidents and the people you’ve encountered during the past week. Last week, I met with some new friends and we talked about what we wanna do in life. That conversation inspired me and I thought about a few years back when someone asked me the same thing.

Tim: Hey, what’s your dream?

Bella: To be a writer. *A huge smug flashed across my face*

Tim: Oh, okay, so what are you working on now?

Bella: I’m sorry, what?

Tim: I mean, what is it that you’re writing now? A story? Non-fiction? What?

Bella: *Smiling sheepishly* *Head shaking* No, I’m not writing anything.

Tim: Oh *Awkward silence* alright, got to go.

Bella: Okay, bye.

Later that night, i was lying on the bed and was replaying this conversation in my head. I came up with the “reasons” why I wasn’t writing. Let’s see which one you can relate to. Yes, you! Stop trying to look around, we all make excuses, whether it’s about writing or other commitments that we attempted to have.

1. I can’t find the right time to do it.

2. There’s too much responsibilities like studies, work, family, and etc. that              need my attention.

3. When I finally found a suitable time to do it, I don’t feel like doing it.

4. I have no inspiration, I’d end up spending time on staring at the blank page       instead of writing.

5. I feel that I’m not good enough to write yet, I need to learn more and get             more experience so that I can create the perfect best-selling book!

6. It’s too difficult, I don’t know how to start.

7. Okay, I’ve started but now I’m stuck.

and the list goes on…

I’m so glad I’ve stopped making excuses myself that I can’t think of another one. I guess I’ve changed. I’ve learned that if you loved doing something enough, you’d find a way to get it done. I’m so glad that when people ask me these day, what are you working on? I can proudly say, something.

So you wanna be a writer? You know what they said, you are not a writer if you’re not writing. A dream will always be a dream if you don’t do something about it while you are awake.


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