You Need Motivation You Say?

Despite how task-oriented I already am, I still find myself struggling with motivation, procrastination, and laziness. Well, to be fair, I just finished reading a book called The Lazy Way to Success but who am I kidding? The author himself wrote a book, no matter how “lazy” he claimed himself to be. The gist of the story is actually what the late Steve Jobs and also the older dead man, Confucius promoted: do something you love. While that is true, there are just so many things in life that we have to do but we don’t particularly enjoy doing. Sometimes, we have to do those things that we find unpleasant first so that we get to do those things we love. And, at times, even when we are doing something we say we love so much, there are some days we will find ourselves lying on the couch with our cat and just refuse to do it. We tried motivating ourselves with some inspiring motivational sayings like “A YEAR FROM NOW, YOU’D WISH YOU HAD STARTED TODAY” or made a cup of coffee to give us a boost but nothing seems to work. Guess what? It’s okay! It’s okay that nothing seems to be working that you just need a rest, you just need to do nothing. But, yup, there’s a but, there’s a catch, you can’t let this feeling stay for more than 3 days. It will be so hard to get back on your feet then. Letting it go on, you will form a habit, and when it comes to habits, the good ones are hard to build and the bad ones stick like the spiderman on the ceiling. If you’ve been letting your “down feelings” drag you down for a long time, the good news is, even if it is hard, it is not impossible. But you gotta promise yourself one thing, you gotta love the thing you wanna do so much so it makes the process less demanding.

For those of you out there who need something different to motivate yourself, I’d recommend you to watch this TED talk, Draw your future given by Patti Dobrowolski and start drawing your future down just like I did. I keep a piece of drawing in my file which I bring to class every day and when I look at it, I’d be reminded that all this effort is for my dream to become reality.

I used an empty jar and labeled it as Commitment Jar some time ago. Every late morning, late afternoon and right before I go to bed, I’d pick the things I’ve done and put them into the Commitment Jar. I feel truly satisfied when I do so and I am looking forward to doing it every day. You should try it out. 11751361_978737278837685_1279986559_n

Before I sign out, I’d like to share what this awesome man said: Capture I pasted this at the back of my notebook just to remind myself that many things I do, I do them out of my will, not obligation, like he said, everything else is purely optional, it means I have a choice and I chose to do them. If I complain, I should really just stop. Another powerful insight from this quote is that, it’s okay about not doing certain things, I mean, at times we got so eager and so ambitious that we wanna do all things at once, I bet you know now that it doesn’t work that way. Okay, I’ve rambled enough. Let’s recap. It’s okay to not feeling motivated some days, just don’t go over 3 days. Once you’re done feeling moody, just bounce back to your routine of doing things you love. For things you don’t love yet have to do, you’d need strong motivational reminder, if what you told yourself did not work, try drawing a picture, visualize your success. Another way for daily reminder, create yourself a commitment jar, another creative alternative to replace ticking off to-do list. Last but not least, we don’t have to do everything. Everything else other than keeping ourselves alive is OPTIONAL. So, if you wanna make your life meaningful, if you wanna be living instead of just surviving, you gotta stop complaining about having to do what you have to do. Hope you enjoy this blog. Have a great Tuesday!


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