Home too Sweet Home?

You must have heard them saying that you gotta balance your life. It means that you have to juggle work, relationships and other things in life.

In the beginning of my university life, I was absolutely imbalanced. My life was all about work, work and more work. No, I don’t mean work as in the kind which I get paid, I mean studying, doing homework, assignments and getting good grades. In order to stay on top, I knew I had to give up on something. I chose work over many things. I chose work over family, over friends, over my boyfriend at times. Life was all good as long as I didn’t check on Facebook and see how happy people were with their loved ones. But I can’t fool myself, at least not for long. Long story short, short story shorter, I learned my lesson about balancing life and today, I can say that I feel pretty satisfied with everything.

Ever since 2014, I started going back home more often than usual to visit my family. However, the last visit dawned on me a couple of things which I’d love to share on this week’s blog. I realized that no matter how disciplined I am with myself in Kampar (the place I’m currently staying), I can never be as disciplined in Sungai Petani (my hometown). It’s not that something is wrong with me, my motivational techniques or my hometown per se, I believe that it has got some sort of psychological force behind that whenever I am home around my family, I can barely work.I guess I never realized this before is because that I did not schedule traveling back home in the middle of a hectic week, I was almost always able to make sure my work was done before I traveled home. But obviously, not in my recent visit; I guess I overestimated this whole balance thing I nailed in the past.

Here’s 5 things of what a university student would spend time on during holidays:

1. FOOD (Homemade meals and food are the best! You’d start feeling sick of outside food if you’re like me who don’t really cook at the dorm)

2. FOOD (That being said, hometown food ain’t quite the same as the food that can be found in Kampar, so we’d still go out and eat ^.^)

3. FOOD (Travel to a nearer state and eat the food there, usually in Penang :D)

4. FAMILY (including the extended ones; talking to them, catching up what’s been missing out in the past few weeks or months)

5. FRIENDS (Hanging out and meeting up with old friends)

*Maybe there are only 3 things but I just wanna emphasize how much time we’d spend on eating.

And truth be told, you don’t get to do all that every time you travel home. At times, you don’t get to eat the food you always wanted, more than often, your friends can’t meet up with you because you guys don’t share the same timetable anymore. It happens and so I get more free time to myself to slack at home but, I still won’t feel like working because home is too sweet for work at my age.

My boyfriend’s a working adult now and he feels the pain of not having enough time to travel home as often as he wanted to. So he strongly encouraged me to travel home as often as I can manage to after I shared with him my “sorrow” of not being able to work. But he never said things like, screw your work, it isn’t important, no, he goes back to the challenge of being balanced in life, which I thought I’ve succeeded but it’s a lifelong process and sometimes, you fail, but it’s okay, just remember to bounce back on your feet as fast as you can.

Your house may be forever there waiting for you, but the people living inside will certainly not be…cherish your loved ones, make time for them! Seek balance!



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