Signs Which Call for Order

So bouncing back ain’t no easy job, but through years of practice, you’ll get better.

This is the second Tuesday after i traveled back from home. Last week I had two deadlines to meet, did my best, submitted them on time. While rushing for urgent tasks, I realized that I had to make quick decisions on which commitments would stay and which I had to let go for now and come back to later. I won’t share how to make these decisions, I’ll leave it to your own judgment but the rule of thumb is, do what is important for the moment. What I’ll share on this blog today is a list of things that will happen when my life is not in order.

1. Coffee stops making me happy.

2. I sleep too much or too little.

3. There’s a zit on my forehead.

4. My clothes are everywhere.

5. I spend more time scheduling than doing the work I should.

6. I have “too much time” talking to people.

7. I eat expensive yet unhealthy food for every meal.

8. I lose my focus easily even when reading something very short.

9. I watch too much soap operas.

10. I don’t do house chores.



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