I hate…

1. Guilt-driven breaks

I think it’s nice to take a break once in a while but if I can’t make sure that I’m satisfied with my progress in work, I’ll have this guilt screaming from my gut and make me unable to fully relax and enjoy it.

2. Wasted effort

Imagine that you spent a whole day doing your work in a cybercafe (for some reason) and just because you topped up 1 minute late, your work was self-deleted by the computer once it rebooted on its own. Pathetic.

3. Drinking a lukewarm coffee

Oh this is unacceptable. I love coffee, I don’t like drinking iced coffee, it’s only on those days when it’s extremely hot and I needed caffeine badly. But lukewarm, that’s like, the most disgraceful form of coffee.

4. Long nail against the wall & the blackboard, especially the blackboard

Imagining it makes my heart shrink and turns my palms into fists. I don’t know how to explain this but it gives me something beyond goosebumps.

5. Eating or drinking something really hot 

and you can’t spit it out because you’re in a decent restaurant with people you don’t want to lose respect from. Oh boy, my tongue and throat really hate me for this.

6. Making two trips or more because you forgot something

Going to and fro the same place only to pick up something that you could have taken if you carried a list with you. Sometimes being lazy requires more unnecessary efforts.

7. When coffee stops working

There are days in almost every month that coffee just doesn’t serve me the kick I’m counting on to go through the mundane chores of everyday life. It’s really a bummer and I’ll take more sugar to compensate it, which is bad.

8. Bathing with naked strangers

Oh my, I just came back from Japan 2 months ago and I experienced their famous onsen (hot springs). It was generally a delightful experience minus the awkwardness of seeing naked women here and there. They looked so comfortable, I felt bad looking uncomfortable.

9. The internet connection is slow

I’d rather it’s not working at all than for it to be slower than a snail. It drives me nuts and I have a terrible techno-rage, zero tolerance to phones or computers that are lagging. But there are those desperate times when using them is inevitable, the thought of bearing it disgusts me.

10. When life gets stuck in a rut

Same ol, same ol. Ergh, it’s boring. Don’t get me wrong, having a routine does not make you stuck in a rut. I’m a big fan of schedules. I love scheduling, I love knowing what I did, what I do and what I’ll do next. What I mean by getting stuck is that you are not creating anymore. You are not challenging yourself anymore. And that sucks.


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