Stress Attack

First of all, I just wanna say, don’t worry, I’m still alive. Tuesday is Blog Day is back! I’m sorry that last week I was MIA. But I don’t want to bore you with how many things I had to handle, my research proposal, my boyfriend from Japan, my emcee role, uh oh, I can’t help myself, no, I will not type more…the good news is, they all turned out well. I’ve learned to give and take. Sometimes, I just can’t handle everything. My best friend told me this, “you gotta take care of yourself first before taking care of a blog.” I think he’s absolutely right. And so, when I checked out my Blog Kit (i.e. where I store all the blog ideas), this one caught my attention. It has been sitting there for quite some time now, I kept avoiding it. This subject is what my best friend used to tease me a lot with. He doesn’t really think I have it in me. Part of the reason why I kept putting it off, I just don’t think that I’m eligible to write about it. You see, like most people, I’m the do-what-I-say-not-what-I-do” kind of person. I don’t follow my own rules at times. The truth is, I don’t think it works sometimes. Anyway, enough with the rambling, the sun has risen, I should probably start writing now, besides, you don’t have to follow everything you read, especially from the internet.

This week’s issue: How do you handle stress?

1.Eat the elephant

Most of the time, the reason we feel stressed is because there are too many things to do and we are at the verge of going nuts. When work is overwhelming, you gotta break it down. Follow the principle of how to eat an elephant – one bite at a time. You can’t do all at once. Chop it, your mouth is that big, you can only chew that much. But be wise what you chew first. Settle the important parts. If it’s within your power to share, do it, or what we call, delegate. Other people might just chew better than you. It’s okay, let go. You can’t do everything. Sometimes, you need to outsource – that’s paying to delegate, perhaps you should start hiring a personal assistant to sort out your reading materials so that every time you’re looking for something, it pops out right in front of you instead of going through an entire afternoon to search for it.

2.Live in the moment

This advice is timeless. Seriously, you can’t live in the past, you can’t live in the next week, or even next minute, what you have is this moment, this particular moment we call NOW, live it. In other words, be conscious. Be conscious of what you are doing. Be conscious with your senses. Sometimes, you just can’t be anywhere you wish to be right now, you’re stuck, so might else suck it, Literally, suck everything you see, suck everything you have. Don’t let this moment go by and find yourself wondering later what have you done because that will take another moment to be deprived in wondering about the past. Respect yourself, respect the people you’re with, respect the task you’re dealing with, they deserve your full attention. Sorry, who am I kidding? Some people just don’t deserve our full attention, for instance, the speaker who comes unprepared, going on and on about the same thing, but hey when you are owning the moment, you have the power to make sure it doesn’t go to waste. If it is not within your ability to leave, do something else, make every moment counts.

3. Do nothing

I know what you’re asking, what happened to “make(-ing) every moment counts?” Well, guess what? Your body needs rest, your brain needs to recharge, you need to relax. Everyone deserves a slot in every day to just do nothing. Trust me, I tried this. In the beginning I found it so hard, you see, I am a workaholic in nature, I can’t seem to put my mind off things. So you’d bet doing nothing is practically much harder than living in the moment. It is. I was tortured when I just sat there on my bed, staring at the wall, but through endurance and practice, I am able to do it without much pain. But this comes with a warning, I pray that you will not get too used to doing it and so prolong the duration to the extent that you neglect your responsibilities. You can take a few breaks in a day but not long breaks. Perhaps 5 to 10 minutes of just winding down.

4. A coffee a day

If you’re not a coffee lover already, I wouldn’t suggest that you take this away with you. But the general idea is, do something that you know will make yourself more productive. Some people think power nap works. Some people dance. Whatever it is, it must get you all pumped up and ready for work or anything that you are dealing with. People might think that doing what you love is enough to get yourself motivated, the truth is, I love reading and writing but at times I don’t feel like doing them at all. So when motivation from the activity per se is not helping, I can count on coffee.

5. Scrub the toilet bowl

Yeah, this one is a little odd. But I find it absolutely soothing after I’ve done so. You see, scrubbing the toilet bowl needs effort. When you are dealing with someone annoying, a task/tasks you hate, negativity in your head or anything that gives you pressure, exert that pressure on the dirt and stain of your toilet bowl. When you cry because you’re stressed up, it does make you feel better but it doesn’t solve anything. When you clean your toilet bowl because you’re stressed up, it makes you feel better and makes your toilet clean. It’s a win-win situation.


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