The Benefits of Living in an Apartment

So lately I’ve moved in to an apartment; hence, sorry for the delay in posting. I actually wrote this on Tuesday but there was unfortunately no WiFi available yet.

  1. Less cleaning work

Well, an apartment has a small living room, a small kitchen, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms tops usually. It is so much easier to clean up an apartment than to clean up an entire house. There is no front yard or backyard that you have to worry about cleaning up because the janitors in the apartment will take care of that for you. The ceiling is usually not too high so you can easily sweep the spider webs away. Having an apartment as home means that you are not allowed to horde as many things you wish. Less things = less cleaning

  1. The balcony

Of course, this goes without saying that the higher you stay, the better view you get. And it’s not just about the view; the balcony is where you can chill in the morning and evening, enjoy your cup of tea or coffee, a book or a story if you have company, time spent at the balcony is just heavenly. Tie a hamstring at it and it will be all the more awesome.

  1. Unwanted surprises

Most of the apartments now come with tight security management which does not simply permit visitors. You will require the owner’s permission to visit, they will have the access card which you don’t. So if you stay in an apartment, you don’t have to worry about people dropping by anytime as they wish. You don’t have to worry about being decent all the time. Sometimes people drop by without telling or maybe they did but you avoid their calls, and so if you stay in a house, it will be hard to pretend that you’re not in.

  1. Near the city

Again, everything is about location, location, location. Apartment is usually built near the city so you don’t have to trouble yourself to access to the things you need and want. Besides, the city life is so enthralling. It makes you feel so alive to live in the city.

  1. Gym, swimming pool and other facilities

As you can freely select which apartment you wish, you get to select the facilities that suit your needs. If you are a gym goer, you don’t have to drive all the way out there to get to the gym. After you exercised, you don’t get to enjoy a nice warm bath for as long as you wish because you don’t wanna drive home and make your car smells funny. People normally feel lazy to hit the gym for a nice workout due to the traffic jam and whatnot. Having a gym in walking distance is just fantastic.


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