ABC Trick

This morning, I purposely overslept. It rained after my class at 4PM, I was stuck in the university so I used its PC lab to write my blog. Somehow, I forgot my password and I tried logging in for several times so it stopped me from logging in for a while. I couldn’t wait so I used Microsoft Word to write the blog instead. Ironically, I was writing about emotional health and when I was home, I was filled with rage with myself. Because I forgot to upload the document to my Skydrive. It was such a bummer. But, I acknowledged it and let it go. I managed to calm myself down quickly and convince myself to write something else. I’m going to share with you how to calm yourself down quickly when something irritating like this happened. It is also applicable for whatever frustration you encounter in life. I call it, the ABC trick.

Acknowledge the fact that you ain’t no saint

We are not saints, we are humans. We are allowed to err. Sometimes you may make a mistake that you need ruminate about what went wrong, what was the problem, can you think of a solution so that you won’t make that mistake again, and etc. Reflection is important; it helps you to be a better person. But don’t take too long to reflect, otherwise, you are not moving forward. Sometimes, it’s not your fault, but something unpleasant happened that you lost your sense of control. Acknowledge that you’re not a saint, you have negative feelings, feel them, let them out, but while you’re doing so, make sure you don’t hurt anybody and yourself.

Breathe in positivity, breathe out negativity

Once you’ve got the unpleasantness in perspective, you’re able to consciously take a deep breath. Now, inhale the happiness and exhale the stress, the frustration, the pain. Focus on your breathing. Focus on your body as you breathe. Notice what is changing in your body. Don’t think about anything. Inhaling happiness doesn’t mean you need to think happy thoughts, pretend that the air is of happiness. Just put your focus on the action of breathing.

Choose to be in control

Now is the time you think and boy is your mind a powerful realm. Cogito ergo sum. I think therefore I am. If you think you are in control, you are in control. So choose to think that you are in control means you choose to be in control. When I was shaking in the examination hall due to the coldness of the air-conditioner and also my nervousness, I experimented with what I learned about control. I knew I had to keep it together so I made a fist, thought to myself, “I have to control myself”, then it worked. By consciously controlling my mind over body, I immediately sensed that my body wasn’t shaking anymore.


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