The answer is…

I believe I promised you that I’d explain which is grammatically correct – on the train or in the train. Well, first of all, I wanna apologize that I promised to search it on Friday but I didn’t, on Friday I was busy getting all the notes in my head because on Saturday I had a paper to sit for. So, I did the digging on Saturday right after my exam. Then again, in my defense, I was sick but not as sick as the dog, well, sick as the dog includes vomiting which I didn’t, thank goodness. I was saying, you couldn’t trust someone who’s so sick, they rambled on the train. Yup, you guessed it. The correct answer for that matter is “on the train”. Why? I’m glad you asked. Although, both are grammatically correct, there’s a slight difference in the usage. I found an interesting explanation for this: you’d say, “someone in the car” but “someone on the train” and “someone on the plane” because in the car, you can’t really stand and move around. However, you walk on the train and you walk on the plane unless the flight attendants asked you to sit down. So, it seems that, you should use “on” for vehicle that you can stand and move around (without having to bend awkwardly of course). I think it makes a lot of sense. But as I’ve mentioned, in the train can be correct if you refer to your static position when someone is looking for you or it can be acceptable when you are clarifying the fact that you are in the train and not outside the train. The other explanations talk about the language evolution and some anonymous showing off their “hunch” in grammar. Alright, I gottta go. I just finished my last paper I am so excited to plan for my semester break. Wouldn’t wanna let time fly and not accomplishing anything. Ciao.


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