My Turn to Talk about Driving

stock-illustration-18421954-smiling-cartoon-red-carSo what’s new in my life is that I recently got a car registered under my name. Initially I was so thrilled about the idea of mobility and ownership but that feeling faded almost instantly when I discovered a whole new responsibility bestowing upon me. I actually felt stressed up. You see, I’m not so much of a skilled driver, but that doesn’t mean I bribed my license, I did fail a couple of times actually but driving is one of the those things that I persevered although I suck at it. (Still using present tense because I don’t wanna be cocky and challenge the universe.) I like how Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory put it, “I’m too evolved to drive.” But unlike Sheldon, I don’t wish to grow thicker skin to keep asking people around to give me a ride, unless we’re heading to the same destination which is known as carpooling because it’s environmental friendly, then it’s a different story. I’m talking about purposely having someone to send you here and there like you’re a preschooler or granny.

I’m glad I did not give up on driving. It really can be a lovely experience. Driving gives you a sense of power, you’re holding the steering wheel, it’s like saying, “I’m in charge!” Well, you know what Peter Parker said, “great power comes with great responsibility.” Of course, safety must be accentuated, especially your passengers’. Although for many people, it can be an auto-pilot sort of thing when it comes to driving, but bear in mind that you should always think of the lives you are carrying and the lives that are on the road. It may be the same old route every day, to work, to the supermarket, or to your friend’s place, you can be perfectly familiar with the views, the junctions and the streets but you never know when a chicken decides to cross the road, it can be anything, it can also be the driver next to you who’s checking out the stock market using his iPhone or the fella who doesn’t bother to flash the turn signal light before turning into the lane you’re on. It can be so unpredictable so be prepared always. Some people have the tendency to think while they’re driving, while I salute how their brain works, I wouldn’t encourage this even though I’m all over the idea of not wasting time. I know you believe in your skills, I know you wanna achieve more, I know that phone call is important, I know you don’t wanna make your passengers feel awkward by being silent, but you gotta drive safely and the only way to minimize accidents is to minimize distractions.

Other than learning to be more cautious, I think driving has taught me a lot about life. First you need to figure out where you are going, what is your destination, what is the purpose of going (why you want to go there). Once you got that all figured out, you then need to think about how to get there, what is the route, is there a shortcut, is the road condition bad for your car? And then you’ll need to consider about when to get there, how long is the journey? On the way, you’d lose a thing or two, your time and gasoline for instance. It almost resembles goal setting in life don’t you think? You think about what is your goal, why is the goal important to you, answer the question of how are you going to achieve your goal then you set a deadline to meet; on the way, you lose a thing or two, your youth and perhaps money. And like I mentioned earlier, when you’re setting a goal, you’d also need to minimize distractions and be focused on achieving that goal. But the best resemblance I love is when I look at the reared-view mirror, it reminds me that life needs to be moved forward but can only be understood backward.


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