Cake cake cake

October is definitely a month full of celebrations! Birthday celebrations! My mom, my sisters and my lover were all October babies. As I’m short of cash lately, I’ve decided to bake them a cake. I call it, ALL-IN-ONE CAKE, to prove that I love each of them equally the same 🙂 After my examination, I started going through a lot of cake recipes on pinterest, on tumblr, on a Chinese app known as ‘xia chu fang’ 下厨房 and also youtubes. Finally, after perusing, one cake stood out from the rest. Not only did it look easy to make, it looked classy and the ingredients sounded delicious: eggs, cream cheese and Meiji White Chocolate. Its name was also a delight – Souffle Cheesecake or Japanese Cotton Cheesecake. I learned from this link:

In the beginning, I was afraid that I can’t find Meiji White Chocolate but thanks to Cold Storage, I managed to find them but unfortunately I did not buy enough. I thought 4 will do but mom later said that she only had the baking pan which should be at least 6-egg portion so I should have at least 240g of White Chocolate. I resorted to Hershey’s coz we don’t have Cold Storage in my hometown. Hence, the cake looked a little odd with all the little cookies inside. But perhaps it was a nice touch. Anyway, I was so excited coz it was my first time. Now to think about it, I had a lot of first-times in 2015. Maybe I should make a list of it as a blog post some Tuesday.

Alright without further ado, I wanna share with you how was the whole experience of baking my first cake. I took the cream cheese out in the morning for it to soften. I started everything at 12 something PM, I prepared all the ingredients that I needed within my reach in the kitchen. I made sure how to operate the machines mom have such as the mixer and the baking oven beforehand, then I allowed no one to disturb me, I watched the video, paused the video, self-talked through the whole process.

Doubling the portion ain’t the problem. My biggest challenge was to separate the egg white and the egg yoke. I wasted about 4 eggs, not exactly wasted coz mom made French Toast with them. But I was really terrible at cracking the eggs. I can’t exactly tell what went wrong in the procedure, perhaps it’s the parchment paper that was rolled and not flattened properly or the time I took to prepare the batter was too long while the oven that was preheated was not heated enough already. It could also be the egg portion, i said I ruined around 4 eggs, I might have put in too much egg yoke and not equal egg white coz the flavor of the eggs was rather strong.

Overall, I must say that baking was both fun and frustrating. Of course, I’d like to dwell on the fun part. I served my family, placed a candle on it, spread some powdered sugar and also some gold dragée on top of the cake. They tasted and they liked it. It was rather a successful attempt. My elder sister thought it looked classic. I felt so accomplished and can’t wait to bake more cakes! IMG_3749 IMG_3762 IMG_3764


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