Something to learn from Cady

This week I wanna tell you about a very special friend of mine. We’ll call her Cady. Well, Cady is a smoker. Well, obviously that’s a secret. Her parents do not know she smokes. She was 12 when she first smoked. But she didn’t finish that cigarette she stole from granny. It was her cousin brother’s idea to sneak to the backyard and lighted up that cigarette. She never smoked since that awful puff which ended with a bad cough.  But for some reasons, she started smoking again, for real this time. But Cady isn’t some random insensitive smoker you’d find in the street. She’s actually pretty civilized I’d say. While we may not approve or condone this little bad habit, here are a few things I think smoker readers can learn from her to make smoking a less repulsive act. 216675319_39c672297b

Cady knows where to smoke

Usually, Cady only smokes around the smokers, preferably in specified smoking zones. If she had to smoke around non smokers, she’d make sure the direction of the wind so not to offend the people. Non smokers hate when the smoke is all over their face. Cady is well aware of that, after all, she was once a non smoker and an occasional non smoker herself. Also, Cady definitely will not smoke in front of the children and never smokes in the car.

Cady knows when to smoke

Smoking a cigarette takes more or less 5 minutes for Cady so she’d also be reading a paragraph, reviewing her day or talking to her friends. She always find other things to do instead of just smoking. Cady doesn’t smoke when the weather is bad like when it’s hazy. She’d go on a cold turkey. Since Cady is not a heavy smoker, she can stop whenever she wants. She believes that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety but connection.

Cady carries her own ashtray bag

Not every restaurant provides ashtray. Cady brings her ashtray bag along with her pack of cigarette so that she won’t throw the cigarette butts on the floor. She’ll stub out her cigarette on the tar road or sometimes, on the ashtray bag itself and throw it inside. Then, she’ll find the trash bin and unload the ashtray bag. She does not litter and make the street more filthy than it already is.



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