A Thank-You List

Thanksgiving is in 2 days! I always adore the season of gratefulness and love. Family is reunited, enjoying the dinner together; classical music is played in the background and the smell of Turkey, et cetera. There are so many catching up to do. Everybody will be dressed up for the occasion, circulating the hall holding champagne. So much laughter as if the air is filled with helium. And not to mention, my favorite part, we go round the table, each and everyone of us will take turn to share one grateful incident over the year, when the person is done sharing, he or she will shout Hallelujah (which means praise the Lord), and the crowd will shout the person’s name in unison.

Below is the list of things I am grateful for this year, I’m still deciding which to share during the Thanksgiving dinner. It’s time like this I am especially grateful to myself for having the habit to write down the special occasions in the calendar and keeping a journal for reference, just in case my memory fails me. So there’s one, and actually this list can’t be exhaustive, there’s too much to be grateful for.

Thanksgiving in 2015

January: I was in a school for teaching practice, so grateful for having a supervisor who was very helpful and was very pleased with my professionalism as a teacher, gave me an A.

February:  Valentine’s Day, I got a new ukulele (made in Fiji) from my boyfriend. Although it’s completely out of tune, it’s perfect for decoration. I love ukulele!

March: Met my boyfriend’s mother for the first time. Chinese Mom flew all the way from Japan to visit Malaysia and meet me. We love each other!

April: Job Opportunity: Student Assistant, helped out two lecturers with their research.

May: I went to Japan and visited my boyfriend. It was an amazing trip. Met Japanese grandpa, grandma, uncle and brother; Chinese aunt and mom, pampered like a princess. Spent birthday in Tokyo.

June: Met elder sister’s boyfriend for the first time. A pretty hot Canadian, woohooo.

July: Kampar Wesley Church 60th anniversary celebration – performed a song with the band.

August: Boyfriend flew from Japan and found a job in Malaysia. Shorter distance relationship.

September: Got sick during examination but managed to get good grades, another job opportunity, Student Assistant as well, read plenty of journals, learned more about research.

October: Successful attempts at baking and cooking, grateful to see so many happy faces of my loved ones.

November: Champion team in debate, befriended an enemy, visited & drove in Thailand for the first time.



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