DIY Postcard


Sending out my love to friends in all parts of the world. Thank God I can still find the mail drop box in this little town I’m staying in. This postcard is so easy to be made.

First, take a picture of yourself with anything that shows the Christmas spirit. Next, edit the picture with more adorable stickers and text using the app, PhotoGrid. Then, print the picture out on a rather thick paper but don’t use a cardboard, it’s too hard, you may wanna just choose something that feels like a card. After that, cut out the postcard, turn to its back and color the frame of the card with blue and red color pencils. Draw a vertical line in the middle of the card, follow the format of writing a postcard: words or drawing on the left and address on the right, (write your own address as well if you wanna get it back just in case the postman failed to do his job), remember to save some space for the stamp. If you’re sending to Japan, remember to write the word Japan in English, not every postman can read Kanji or can recognize Japanese characters.


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