Confidence VS. Arrogance

Today’s blog is about two distinct qualities, one is positive and another is negative. Despite its differences, there is only a fine line between them; hence causing many to be bewildered at times.

Let us first define these terms.

Confidence refers to having a strong belief towards oneself, be it ability, competence, appearance, and whatnot.

i canArrogance, on the other hand, means having a strong belief towards oneself in reference to others’ imperfection.


In other words, confidence has something to do with oneself only but arrogance requires the others’ “participation”. A confident person believes in himself or herself. An arrogant person believes in himself or herself because he or she despises others, he or she thinks others are beneath him or her.

Many of us suffer from our competitive spirits, we tend to compare ourselves with others or rather, the environment we were placed in shaped us to be like that – the society exerted the pressure upon us. Think about it, the first social unit apart from family, let’s even begin with family, that is, if we have siblings, many parents tend to compare their children among themselves or with others’ children. Then there’s kindergarten all the way throughout high school, we were faced with comparisons based on academic, soft skills and not to mention the silent killer among teenagers, snow white’s evil queen’s biggest concern, who’s the fairest of them all?

However, we can’t really get rid of comparison from our world, some argue that without comparison, there would be no improvement, no advancement because everyone will have different standard for everything, everyone will probably be satisfied with what they have and not bothering about wanting what others own. That is probably why many schools in the world are still adhered to the existence of standardized testing.

We are taught to believe in ourselves but if let’s think about this, can we really believe in ourselves while believing others are doing equally good and perhaps doing better than us? Isn’t it a little like lying to ourselves? Speaking of which, on the path of believing ourselves, many of us are also taught to fake it till we make it or fake it till we become it, while we are doing so, while we are faking it, is the confidence we exude, the power pose that we are told that can help us feel confident, harmful to us?

To be continued.





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