The Old Dangling Issue & New Year Preparation Tips

Hi y’all, I’m back with a fresh mind to discuss the dangling issue we had last week. So I was sharing some insights and asking a few questions on the qualities we all possess to different extents – confidence and arrogance. I remember defining very clearly that someone who is confident does not despise the others while someone who is arrogant does. And I further suggested that perhaps someone who is confident has to be a little arrogant because it is hard to believe in themselves while at the same time believing in others’ as well. If someone were to be arrogant which means they believe that they are better than others, I’m sure they are pretty confident with themselves in order to be better than others. So based on that logic, does that mean these two qualities must coexist with one another? The answer is the answer that we hate the most, I guess – it depends. It depends on the situation. Urghhhh, typing that makes me sick. It’s the same with oh so many issues in life. We can’t have a certainty, except for taxes and deaths as Benjamin Franklin frankly put it. Maybe I shouldn’t be bothered by it. Maybe I should create my own answer that can be applied in any given situation when such issue arises again in the future. In life, we seek different things, we want different things and we each have a destiny to fulfill, at least that is what I choose to believe in. We are running our own race. There might be situations whereby competitive spirits are necessary, that shouldn’t distract us from our bigger picture. And yes, sometimes we meet people who want the same thing as we do, we must then do our best to earn it. Fight hard and live life without regrets; a precious paraphrased adage. So what if that person is a little arrogant? Let’s just embrace the fact that we all have our dark side, that we are all broken. Besides, Christmas is just around the corner, forgive and forget, cheers and relax, do what you gotta do and prepare yourself for a great year.

Lemme also share with you what you can do before New Year:

  1. Reviewing this year

list-cartoon-75Not just glancing through your 2015 resolution, tick off those you have accomplished and reflect on those you haven’t, ask yourself the why-not question. Ponder about the progress you have made so far. Consider all the items for a while and scratch off those you do not want or need anymore, leave the rest for the next year. Make a new new-year resolution. This time, be focused, be practical since you are freshly minded about what you can do, what you can’t do, what you want to do and what you will actually do. Review also your life purpose, your life goals, your values, and your bucket list.


  1. Spring cleaning

spring-cleaning-greenEspecially if you have not accustomed yourself to regular housekeeping chores, a spring clean is a must. Move the tables and closets if you can, check out the dust behind and beneath. Get three boxes and put on labels – Recyclables, Donation, and Trash. These boxes are for things you want to get rid of. Quit being a hoarder, keep your life simple. You will realize how much it can help to make cleaning an easy task. It is also a good time to think about the new layout of your space, do you need to move the furniture around, decorate a little bit?

  1. Getting a new notebook

459590-notebookYou are probably reaching the end of your notebook that you have been carrying around this year. It’s time for a new one. You don’t really need to spend a lot on it but it’s definitely something worth investing in. You can actually customize one easily. Make it personal. After all, it is a personal notebook. For those who do not have a habit of keeping a notebook, you will need to insert your own schedule, choose a saying that you want to live by this brand new year to come. Ideally, you should have appointment square chart to jot down those important events you need to attend. A smartphone, tablet or any gadget is some fancy, convenient tool to set reminders, create voice memos, attach photos and via many other cool ways that resemble or even beat the idea of keeping a notebook; however, it’s an indescribable experience to hold a pen and write something down, somehow it simplifies your life, quietly and beautifully.

  1. Makeover your wardrobe

WardrobeAre you proud of what you have in your closet? Do you wear everything you have in it? Does what you wear always reflect on your personality? A new year is coming. Don’t run away from these questions yet another year. Straighten up your wardrobe, straighten up your life. Donate those you don’t wear anymore. Promise yourself not to hesitate for something that you won’t wear it after all. Do something about those that have strong sentiments, don’t let them lie around in the closet and take up your space for new clothes. Google, pinterest what you like and hunt for them but do try them on before you buy them, what you see might be lovely on that mannequin but perhaps not for you, sad but true you have to accept it. Look away and look for the one that fits best. Organize according to colors or seasons!

  1. Bury the hatchets

dc7oB5ooiDid you wrong someone this year? Did you ruin what could have been a great friendship or relationship over something trivial and petty? Is there something you wish you have done yet for some reason refuse to take that step of courage? Is there someone you need to forgive? Is there someone you want back in your life? It’s time to mend things. It’s a happy season, so many things are on sales, it’s not so hard to buy a thoughtful gift and present your most sincere apology. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Is there something you can do other than saying sorry or admitting that it was your fault? Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Is there any chance that you could just look over that flaw in someone and restore a beautiful chemistry? Is there someone you started on a wrong foot with? Or is there someone you need to let go?





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