My Thoughts on Vacation

cartoon-mascot-13It’s the holiday season, at least in the land I’m currently staying. First of all, my ideal vacation would be those solo trips I’ll take in the midst of busyness, or rather after the wave of hectic season, given my habit of accomplishing things toward the very end, to somewhere close to nature, a resort most probably, whereby I can stay in for a week or slightly more than a week, to finish a novel. It’s the best if I can be in the town where the actual plot setting has taken place. These ideal solo trips of mine will be something like a silent retreat. Just me and my novel. I will have everything within reach in that particular room I’m staying and that there will be absolutely no conversations, no worldly affairs budging their asses into my journey with the chosen author. A beautiful escape I like to address it as, a trip for me to refresh my mind and soul before another wave of life barges into my schedule. Maybe I will get a fridge magnet or some special souvenir as a piece of memory. But most of the time, the trips I will usually plan for friends and/or family would be those that require a lot of traveling, a lot of sightseeing and I really wouldn’t mind much if…

  1. The trip has a tone of purpose

I want to learn things while traveling. I want to enjoy absorbing the information adhered to that trip. I want to explore the culture of that place, of the people around, of the steps of the pathways. I want it to be educational. The places are full of interesting stories that spell differently to each and every traveler. I want the trip to have a certain meaning. A trip with a strong and fulfilling title.

  1. The trip allows me enough time to catch a break

It is important to take enough rest to be able to enjoy. It is true that if one is without rest, the tendency to become easily grumpy, moody, and sick while one is traveling with exhaustion. Tiredness is the thief of fun. I’d rather stay in a hotel or a motel without having to walk so much especially aimlessly, or hunting for something, someplace which later I can’t have the energy to really seek pleasure in the midst of all the beauty. I wanna be charged by positive energy to savor the delightful scenes.

  1. The trip is full of nice cuisines

After being all educated and full of rest, I want to take in nourishment to my body via comfort FOOD. I seek pleasure in FOOD and I look forward to tasting the local cuisines very much while traveling in a different land. Other than the taste which is the utmost priority of mine when it comes to eating, the ambience is what I treasure as well. I want the place to be comfortable enough for me to enjoy my comfort FOOD comfortably. The service comes slightly secondary since it would most probably a one-time thing but if you can offer your biggest smile to me while I’m enjoying a meal, a plus bonus I’d say.

Last but not least, a vacation is considered best when it is taken by the right people with the right attitude. The first rule and the last rule of the best vacation: No argument please!

Don’t worry, be happy!


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