Money Money Money

spending-money-clipart-money2Money is a crutch. Some people are audacious to claim that they love money. Some secretly do. Some loathe it because it brings so much trouble into their everyday life. And others make peace with it by giving and taking. Yet there’s no way we can say we want nothing to do with it because as long as we are breathing, we have to deal with money, and we need money all the time. In fact it has been worldly known that time is money. However, we often find ourselves ruminating by the end of the month the intriguing question, where did my money go? I have asked this very question myself for countless times in my life. Of all the websites, books, people I’ve consulted about money management gave me one common advice: RECORD YOUR EXPENSES.

So that’s what I did. I downloaded an app called Pocket Expense and here I’ll like to share what are the categories I’ve selected for my expenses this year.

  1. Auto (Loan & Gas)eba35648870b66f6fe5604674c1837da

In case you didn’t know, I got a car registered under my name and I’m obviously still in debt. I kept a special record of the gasoline payment in NOTE in my iPhone just to see how often I refill the tank and how I can minimize it.

  1. Charityweb1_7298844

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about the virtue of giving. But don’t you dare to give in order to be blessed. Do not have the ulterior motive. Do not wish for something in return. Just give, willingly. It’s better to spend it yourself than to give reluctantly.

  1. Clothing21393984-cartoon-female-clothing-Stock-Vector-cartoon

We ladies shop for clothes even when it’s not on sales, or for special occasions. But ever since I adopted a little Minimalist Attitude, I’m being very cautious about shopping. At the very least, I’ll make sure to wear it more than once. Better yet, replace something in the closet, which means, I actually donate the old ones.

  1. Eating (out)hungry-history-of-knives-and-forks-iStock_000014202802Medium-E

Now this is my bane in financial management. I love to eat. You have no idea how much I can spend just on food. Really need to watch out for this one.  Cooking at home really helps but that’s something I can’t promise while I’m bogged down with a lot of responsibilities. It can consume a lot of time. So these days, I’m attempting at achieving the balance of making food both simple and filling; or if I really have to eat outside, cheap yet healthy.

  1. EducationyckgkA99i

As a student teacher, I need to do a lot of printing for my kids and also this category goes to the crafty things I like to make during my spare time: making cards, perhaps some teaching aids, designing the board I hang on the wall of my bedroom, etc. I am lucky I don’t have to pay for college.

  1. Entertainmentempty-movie-theater-seat-movie-snacks

Watching movies at the cinema is my number one favorite entertainment with friends or loved ones. Though, I’d try to watch them on Wednesdays because of the cheaper tickets.

  1. Groceries pantry-clipart-Ride8zyi9

Soymilk, cookies, bread, Tuna, Sardines, green peas, HL milk, fruits including lemons for lemonade, and whatnot.

  1. Utility (Mobile Carrier)Digi_Telecommunications.svg

DiGi Smart Plan, RM65 per month, unlimited call for all network, unlimited Whatapps & WeChat, 3GB Internet and unlimited sms*3 buddyz.

  1. Others

This is for you know, the other things like medical, hair, and so on.

  1. Travelairplane_512pxGREY

If you have only traveled the place you’re living in, it’s said that you have only read a chapter of the book called, LIFE. So yeah, I’m planning to travel.


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