Happy Chinese New Year

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It’s the second day of Chinese New Year. Below is the list of what we do (at least in my family) besides getting angpaus (i.e. red pockets) during CNY…

  1. EAT

It’s hard to resist the happy-go-lucky atmosphere around. Forget about diets. Don’t worry, just eat. Keep calm and eat Lobak. It is as if you only get to eat once a year. You’d think you will eat until you’re full. You will eat beyond that, trust me. Finish the food, don’t waste. This is delicious, you must eat. You will not separate from food. From breakfast to lunch, from hi-tea to dinner, from dinner to supper. Non-stop feeding. Snacks, real meal, snacks, real meal.

  1. PLAY

What do we play? We play card games. My favorite is Killer. It’s fun and exciting. First, take two Kings, one Queen and two Jacks from the deck of cards. King represents Killer. Queen represents Doctor. Jack represents Cop. Then you can pick normal number cards to represent citizens. If you have more than 10 players, you may consider adding another Doctor. You will need a narrator for this game. The narrator will ask everybody to close their eyes. First, the narrator will ask Killers to open their eyes. Two Killers will communicate with each other using nonverbal and determine who to kill. Then, the Killers will close their eyes. The next person to be called is the Doctor. He or she will choose to heal himself or herself or anyone in the group. Then, the Cops will open their eyes. They too will communicate with each other using nonverbal but their mission is to open one person’s card according to their hunch. Then everybody “wakes up”, the narrator will announce somebody’s death or that no one is killed. Voting can begin. The dead cannot speak. The narrator too, it’s best not to intervene. It’s fun when everyone contributes their arguments, be it to defend or to persuade.

  1. TALK

This is the best time to meet up. Friends and family reunite. For most of us, it’s been a while, for some, it’s been a year. There’s a lot of catching up to do. This may not be the season introverts enjoy a lot. This is also the time you need to come up with a report about yourself because relatives will be asking a lot of personal questions. Think about what you want them to know – studies, work, health, relationship, life in general. Don’t forget to come up with a lot of nice greetings.


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