Buhhbye Holiday Spirit

Damn…CNY is over for me. I have resumed to my workplace. But I’m still on the holiday mood. The relaxing mode, the just-eat-and-have-fun spirit is still lingering. I’m having trouble getting out of the very happy-go-lucky state of mind until my personal life is falling apart.

Now that I’ve realized this at this very point of writing this blog, I’m transitioning from being all chilled to being worried sick about my progress for everything – Japanese learning, my action research, squatting and other personal goals. Speaking of which, I haven’t been jogging for two weeks now. Imagine all the calories I’ve consumed. I’m a fat bitch right now who is not having enough beauty sleep and all stressed up for everything.

On top of that, lemme be utterly honest with you, I have not been disciplined to write in my journal daily though my last entry was two days ago. I have only been writing one entry for the whole Chinese New Year break albeit so many interesting things happened. I used to finish one diary in 4 months. Now I’m on the 7th month. It’s crazy! Gosh, thank God for this space to vent. I truly need to confess about my procrastination and laziness.

However, this blog post is not entirely for me to vent. I mean to share with you about what I’m doing to help myself get back on track. You see, sometimes we shouldn’t been too hard on ourselves. Sometimes we need to let certain things go. For starter, I should really let my holiday spirit go and keep my head in the game. My favourite Self-Discipline Expert, Rory Vaden, shared something to my email that really solved my problem. You see, my problem is that the reason I’m stressed up is because I keep thinking that I have so MANY things to do, I have so much I can do yet I’m not doing them, be it because I’m out of energy, I have no time or whatever reason it may be. The thing is, I should not waste more of my time and energy to worry about them.

Rory and I both love to keep a to-do list and guess what, both of our lists are endless. He said something so profoundly true, something that goes like, as you learn, you can do more things and so you will add more things to your to-do list. It’s so true but we’re just human. We can’t do everything, at least not at one time. So he taught me that what I can do is, every time I’m worried about not getting things done in my to-do list, I should instead focus on the next significant thing to do. The key word here is significant, that means some sort of judgement should come into play, I should determine whether this task is significant enough, whether it should be on top of my priority. So that’s the secret to not getting crazy! I only need to focus on one thing. One. Such a beautiful word. Such a simple word. And yet, many of us failed to remember. The Nike slogan did not say just do them, it said just do it! Singular. It. One thing! Hope this post will help you to make your life simple and organized. Till next Tuesday! Toodles!


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