How to Rock PMS

I’ve been doing my math lately and I realized that it’s going to be a decade real soon for me having to go through the monthly agony  – Menstruation. Frankly, it’s still hell for me every once in a while. But I have prepared a list of activities to combat the annoying symptoms especially mood swing problems. It did help me, I hope it’ll work on you too, you may be a grown man but I believe you have your own struggles and stress too at times, so feel free to try it out. =D

  1. Take a hot shower

Take your time in the shower, make sure you can stand the temperature. Enjoy the water splashing on your body. Don’t think about anything else, just focus on cleaning up. Be mindful. Be grateful towards the water, the aroma of the shampoo, and the freedom of being naked legitimately.

      2. Take a walk 

Spend time strolling in the nature. Be observant to your surrounding. Some people like to ponder while they walk. You can think, just make sure you don’t overthink.  You can choose a different route each time. It is said to help with creativity too. If there’s a hill nearby, consider hiking. Going somewhere high and look down will give you a better perspective.

3. Put on a mask

A real facial mask not the poker face. Pamper yourself. Relax your face. Cut two slices of cucumber and place on top of your eyes. Take a little time to care about your skin condition. Is it time to restock that moisturizer?

4. Watch a sitcom

Choose your favorite sitcom. Have a good laugh.

5. Play a game

Games like Piano Tiles, Snail Mail, Burger Shop and Diner Dash really require your full attention. Playing them will surely take your mind off those frustrations.

6. Write a journal entry

Express yourself with words. Dedicate an entry fully for expressing this negative emotion you are dealing with. Just write whatever you feel like writing. Don’t fight it, just let it out. Write it like no one’s going to read it. After all, it’s true. Unless you want to. That’s totally up to you.

7. Play ukulele and sing

Or any instrument you know. Or if you can’t, just play the music from the player and sing along. Sing to your favorite tune. It will make you feel so much better.

8. Read 

Check your bookmarked list. Which website you’ve bookmarked yet have forgotten all about it? Read and learn something new.

9. Meditate 

Close your eyes and visualize your dream land. Picture yourself in it. Associate a word with that place. Any word. And then focus on it.

10. Scrub the toilet bowl

Channel all your negative energy into scrubbing your toilet bowl. Scrub it hard. Get all the stains out. Picture those stains as the difficult problems you are facing or the difficult people  you have to deal with.



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