Let’s Talk about Tinder

w2ZlpSd6So I’ve recently downloaded this application known as Tinder. I like the way they sell it: Tinder is how people meet. It’s like real life, but better. First of all, I think the interface is pretty user-friendly and awesome. If you have not heard about this app, lemme briefly describe it to you. On Tinder you get to post pictures (not more than 6) and write within 500 words about yourself. Then, you get to set the distance and age of people you’d like to meet. Once you’re done, get your head straight about which is left and which is right. You don’t wanna miss the “jackpot” or hit the no-no. The idea is so fresh; it actually unites people who have mutual adoration towards what they see. It’s true, most of us are visual animals; we can’t argue the fact that first impressions come from the look. We judge people whom we don’t get the chance to connect on a deeper level by their swagger, their sense of fashion, the way they style their hair, and whatnot. For me, those who joined without putting photos up are not even trying. Anyway so once you liked someone and that person liked you too, you’d be notified that it’s a match and you get to decide what to do next (otherwise you would know that person did not like you back and you can just move on, as simple as that). We all have our reasons to join Tinder and enlarge our social network.  I feel like it’s an alternative platform to meet new people coz I believe we should have friends beyond the school, the college, the workplace or the religious institution.  It’s really fun, maybe you should check it out too!


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