First of all, I’m truly sorry. I didn’t have access to my laptop yesterday. It’s a different feeling to blog on a Wednesday morning. Anyway, what i wanna share with you this week is about online privacy and security.

password-keyYou know you have so many accounts that require password [or passwords if you are a discreet person]. It is frustrating to forget your password, no? I don’t trust my memory when it comes to numbers. I like to keep it written but it’s not safe to bring it with you whenever you go and so when you really need to refer to it, most of the time you don’t get to. Plus you need to remember where you have written it down to make sure if that notebook ran out of space, you shouldn’t dispose it without shredding it first.

Though it is recommended to change your password regularly, i do not do it. I hate having to beat the keyboard with all those passwords i had in the past. It was like going back to your ex and hoping that things would resume to how they used to be. Futile and foolish.

Writing all your passwords down in one place is both wise and foolish. If you’re unlucky, the hacker could have taken all your passwords at once. But it’s easier for you not to forget where you have written it or where you have placed the sheets you used to write. There’s no good answer to this. I’d like to think that when you lose something, you will gain something in return. So, maybe we shouldn’t care too much.

Having said that, if it is within your power, in my opinion, it’s best not to lose the following: Bank account passcode, iPhone passcode, Windows’ and another email account’s that will help link to your first email account.


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