Some Lessons

I always believe that we are being watched, every second of the day. What we do does not merely bring impact to ourselves but it consists of a far-reaching effect towards others around us and society at large. Our past experience can determine our present and whatever it is we do now has a way of influencing our next step.  Take a simple example, what we eat or consume determines how we feel. If we eat healthy food, we feel good about ourselves. If we eat food heavy in carbohydrates, we make ourselves groggy and drowsy. If we drink coffee, we feel hyper and shit better. Every day, we are making big and small choices either to make our life better, to make the world a better place or to be selfish, doing what we feel like doing and allowing our feelings to dictate our actions which usually end up causing misery and anguish.

  1. Be Conscious of your Actions

If you are already a deep thinker, this would be easy for you. You are naturally designed to pay attention to everything around you and about you. You just need to make decisions more consciously as in know exactly why you do something. You should be determined to have no regrets at all. It’s no secret that remorse is both foolish and futile. Plus, you should be taking full responsibility for every choice you make – even the ones you think you didn’t make.

  1. Don’t Challenge the Universe (don’t jinx it)

Call me superstitious but I’ve experienced it tons of times in my life now. Once I claim that I wanna do or get something out loud, universe has a way of making sure that I don’t. Don’t say that it won’t rain, ‘coz it’s going to. Don’t say that you will go somewhere and do something, you won’t, things will change. Benjamin Franklin was right about certain things. Only taxes and death are certain. I’ve learned to be grateful silently. Actions speak louder than words. Just let your actions show how grateful you are instead of your words which will somehow provoke the universe.

  1. Learn to Let Go

The older you get, the more you see and learn, you will either feel easier or harder to let go things but trust me, choose to let go. There’s no point being stubborn. Your opinion does not matter. My don’t either. Let go and be free. When you let go, doesn’t mean you can let loose and do whatever you feel like doing because that will only contradict with the first thing we touched on just now. You should be wiser, knowing how to live life without being too adamant over things you have absolute no control over. The earlier you let go, the sooner life feels right.


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