Past Tuesdays

The reason for not writing was not superficial. People call it excuse, I call it a cold war; a cold war between me and words. I couldn’t seem to find the words, no words to describe my exciting life. I guess I was just busy living my life than to keep a record of it though it was quite a habit I have cultivated since January 18, 2011. And when I finally had the time to be with myself, I did it again as I’d do it over and over again. Perhaps I have been exaggerating, perhaps it was not entirely exciting, there were some mundane moments when I had to do the obligatory, the trivial and the necessary such as toilet time, dishes, cleaning, cooking, sleeping and whatnot. The time to finally put my laptop on my lap was one of the two most passionate moments of my life (though I did not quite appreciate when the heat from the laptop penetrated my flesh), the second was to continuously hitting the keyboard and the letters appeared so naturally and consistently. I treasure every second of it.

So let’s recap some of the things which had happened on the Tuesdays I was gone. I actually made a list of it when I had no access to the internet (funny in this century, but funny things do happen).

First it was April 12, 2016. My title was supposed to be, Just Busy. It was the second last Tuesday of my Practicum. If you had been following my blog, you’d know it’s a teaching practice whereby student teachers go to schools, work like an actual teacher and be evaluated for the teaching performance. If I were to write, I’d be sure to bore you with all the tasks I had been assigned to, mostly finishing the paperwork, reflecting, carrying out better lessons, and the like. Perhaps I’d post some pictures like the ones below.

IMG_1184Me teachingIMG_1310  12769632_10208509644836637_889698322_n

April 19, 2016: My last Tuesday of my Phase-3 Practicum.

Maybe I would have shared some of the insightful theories about being a real teacher in this 21st century. But now that I let the thief of time, my procrastinating spirit to steal away my perfect chances of writing here, weeks of slumber had put all those fresh knowledge to my long-term memory which can only be dispersed when it’s necessary and hopefully, writing from my previous experience, be exhibited through real life practice and application.  Also, I might have shown you some of the pictures below but since I had the opportunity to write after the last day of Practicum, I’d show you those that were taken as a summary of what I’ve gone through in the past 12 weeks.


April 26, 2016: A Quick Getaway to the Smallest Yet Successful Nation

My first time visiting one of the nearest countries to mine, Singapore, was pretty good but pretty good didn’t even begin to describe my joy (like I said, failed to find words to describe). Well, lemme just briefly share some of the thoughts I had during my quick getaway. As a Malaysian, visiting Singapore was like visiting another state in my country. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just talking about the distance like Indonesia and Thailand. In fact, unlike Indonesia and Thailand, Singapore has got no time difference with Malaysia. Singapore has also three major races, just like Malaysia. And you will meet a lot of expats, just like Kuala Lumpur. However, (here comes the stark differences), Singapore is cleaner, more systematic and generally better than Malaysia. Love the emphasis of English yet hate the lack of identity. Perhaps that is the specialty of Singapore. Perhaps that was why I felt belonged, I too, love English and pretty much Westernized myself with all the English dramas, songs and culture. But my first thought was, this is like America-Wannabe, though it was colonized by the British. Another melting pot I believe since it has got no natural resources, it needs human resources desperately. No wonder it’s said that the working visa is easy to apply there. As a Malaysian, when it comes to food, I didn’t really know what to expect from Singapore. Guess it’s just an excuse, I simply didn’t have the time to do my research online. Hence I went there to eat mostly Japanese food and also Western food only to hear it from my aunt whom I met after coming back home that the Chili Crab is the most famous cuisine in Singapore. Such a shame I didn’t get to try when I was there. Next time I’d be sure to get a taste of it.

May 3, 2016: Can’t Believe It’s May Already!

May is a lovely month full of happy celebrations! Janet came home, my charming sister. Our family was once again reunited. First it was Labor’s Day, then daddy’s birthday, then mine, then Mother’s Day (coincidentally, the latter two celebrations happened on the same date, May 8, 2016). Also, not forgetting my dearest nanny’s birthday! Janet gave daddy, mommy and nanny a big treat to SPA. I bought couple mugs from Singapore for daddy and mommy. For nanny, I got her some chocolates. On my birthday, I cooked lunch with mommy as my assistant. Like they said, time spent with family worth every second. Who knows where I’ll be next May?




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