Know thyself includes knowing what distractions you have that will drive away any chance of having a productive day. I for one have a crazy hell of a list of distractions which rob my time and leave me feeling less of myself.

  1. Dirty sink – Hate the idea of working while having a dirty sink in the next room. Besides, doing the dishes is for me a free and healthy process for meditation. I like to think that i am only focusing on washing the dishes and therefore block out the stress but spending too much time cleaning up in the kitchen actually makes me procrastinate on the things that are more important and deserve more of my attention.
  2. Emails – Emails are coming in. I have subscribed a various reading materials online and there are a tons of interesting facts, opinions and information to read about. It’s really tempting to read all of them. As a mild OCD patient, I know I can just turn off the badge app icon but I leave it on so that I can learn to resist them.
  3. Food – The more elaborate my meal is, the more distracted i am from my obligations. The more frequent i visit my fridge, the more this distraction has on me. The more weight i’ve put on, the more time I’ve lost.
  4. Netflix – Just one show after another. Especially sitcoms because they are just 20 min long. It can really trick me of seeing another episode after another episode.
  5. Ellen Degeneres’ monologues – They’re so funny, i can’t help myself.
  6. Pinterest – Used to be Tumblr but i hadn’t visit the site for about a year or so already. I can really scroll up the Pinterest page on my iPad like for hours.
  7. TED Talks – You know those 20 min talks which have a huge range of interesting topics shared by all the wonderful individuals with great public speaking skills and awesome background of work/life experiences are so fascinating. The ironic moment is when they are sharing the tips of not procrastinating.
  8. Stickers, animations, gif – The emoticons are getting less popular these days with the introduction of these funny stickers, animations or gifs. I can spend so much time chatting though i don’t really fancy texting simply because those expressions are just too catchy and hilarious.

I’m grateful that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are not on my list. I heard that they can be very irresistible but perhaps I have grown not to mind others’ business, so to speak. So lucky for me, they are just acting as very effective social networking tools.  But i have 8 distractions as i have listed above, so i think i have enough to wrestle with.


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