Chapter 4: Thailand

If the world were a book, my Chapter 1 would be Malaysia (where I was born and raised), Chapter 2 would be Japan, Chapter 3 Singapore and now Chapter 4 is Thailand. I have just visited yet another bustling metropolis, Bangkok. I spent 5 days eating, shopping, sightseeing and observing with one of my best friends. It was a pretty cool city. I love its rich culture slash modernity fusion. Its strong expression of liberty whereby everybody can feel free to dress up however they want to be seen. My favorite part is the language. People who speak English won’t be afraid to travel in Bangkok because almost everybody speaks English there though their accent is kinda unique and funny.

When traveling in Bangkok, you have so many options when it comes to transportation. You get to pick whether to go with the motorcycle, the Thailand famous vehicle made of three wheels (i.e. Tuk Tuk), normal taxi, bus, underground train, sky train and even boat.

Bangkok is a great choice for an Eat Pray Love trip i must say. Thai Food is exotic and full of surprises, though mainly sweet, sour, hot and spicy. Fruits are everywhere and they are cheap and fresh, namely mangoes, Durians and mangosteens. My favorite dish there is Mango sticky rice. A wonderful choice for dessert. My second favorite is Pad Thai, noodles stuck inside an omelette, best with shrimps. Not to mention, Tom Yam! Whatever they serve with Tom Yam is superb. Besides, There are lots of shrines to visit. You can tell by their architecture that the Siamese are extremely creative and detailed-oriented. Last but not least, the love for shopping can go real wild in this city full of products from almost everywhere in the world. Clothes, bags, cosmetics, shoes, and practically everything. It’s crazy! Decision making is critical when you’re doing shopping. If you need to consider when buying an item for a long time, somebody would have made a deal before you can purchase it. You can also cultivate the negotiation skills by just observing how people bargain and try to apply whatever tricks you learned. But beware, they can make you feel like a winner. For instance, when you turn the price of a bag from 3000 Baht to 1000 Baht. However, that bag might not even worth 1000 Baht, perhaps it should only cost 500 Baht. By feeling like a winner, you will soon get addicted, and tend to buy more stuffs though you have absolutely no need of them. But I’m sure you’re smarter than this 🙂

The bottom line is, Thailand is special!



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