Give and Take

Kindness exists no matter how bleak this world may seem.

And this kindness would not stop existing if we continue to play our part by receiving it, returning the favor or paying it forward.

The resources are actually plenty and enough for each one of us.

But some people store them, sometimes for too long and they became spoiled; some people, on the other hand, give everything away until they have nothing left to spare.

There should be a balance in everything.

I’ve become a baby minimalist since last year. And as I cleaned up my space, I’ve discovered many items I’ve hoarded and hogged which could be useful for somebody else so I tried to give them away.

Then, I realized there are some of the things that I’m using and things that I find important are given by somebody else.

I guess it’s only when you learned to give, you have rooms to take.

Sometimes, it doesn’t mean that the person you gave something to is the person you should take something from. The universe works beyond that. Hence the phrase, pay it forward.

Give to someone who has the needs. Take from someone with a willing heart.

Let the kindness perpetuate.



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