I’ve been abandoning my blog for more than a month now. It’s time to resume not just writing but also all of the other commitments in life which I have shamefully abdicated as well in the name of finishing my project paper. So I’ve decided to start with my blog – in this blog post, I’d like to share some of the highlights of my life in those days I was gone.

First of all, I’ve traveled to Japan.

IMG_2355This was taken in Ueno, Tokyo.

I’ve been to almost the same places I went last year. But this time I went during the Summer. Last time I traveled during Spring with all the nice cherry blossoms and just a little bit of melted snow on the hills. Early summer heat was still fine. I enjoyed the weather so much, though it was a little rainy in Niigata. Toshiki san brought me on a road trip around Niigata and that day, the weather was good to us. The scenery was breathtaking. The majestic woods we passed by, driving with our windows winding down, the cool breeze brushed our hair and our skin, damn it was a good feeling. I even had a chance to see the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I captured this before I got carried away by more of the magnificent view.13533167_1189467884431289_3355216849881677788_n


The bonus of this trip was spotting a second-hand Kindle at the retail store and not hesitated to purchase it coz it turned out to be one of the smartest decisions I’ve made.


Toshiki-san and I prepared the dinner as a way of saying thank you for letting us stay here 🙂


In Japan, I was blessed to cross over one of the items on my bucket list – eat fresh oyster! Yay! 😀

IMG_2301 Eating omurice in Japan was a craving since I’ve finished watching this Japanese drama called Lunch Queen.


Lastly, Toshiki-san and I visited Disneyland, it was supposed to be on the itinerary last Spring but we didn’t get to do so until then. Glad!


Next, we’ve moved to a new state and a new apartment! Awesome! It was at this place I’ve worked the most on my project paper for my last semester. I should mention that I was no longer working on the mother tongue influence in ESL classroom, that was rejected by many factors, mainly because it was too big of a scope for such a mini action research i was tackling with. Anyway, so grateful for everything 🙂

We’ve also hosted a small housewarming party, invited my dearest sister and my cousin sister. We had a great time trying out Toshiki-san’s home-cooked meal, a bit of Japanese sake and played card games.


Happy news – the results of the APTIS test I’ve taken were in – I’ve gotten a C2, surprisingly! Glad to make mommy and daddy proud!


Set up a reading corner for the kids in the school I was having internship in.

And also launched a Speakers’ Corner. Felt truly proud of the kids who fully utilized the new program.


Accomplished my internship with my peers!



Submitted my Final Year Project!


July 24, 2016: Welcomed a new buddy in my world, Peter – funny story. Toshiki-san, Janet and I were supposed to do grocery shopping. On our way, the two of them who were super duper into little animals stopped at a pet shop. They’ve checked out some hamsters in the cage. I went in too, saw this little Winter White, couldn’t take my eyes off him. In my head, I was like, hi Peter, nice to meet you. Yes you, you look like a Peter to me. I must bring you home and call you Peter! Damn was I hooked. So I checked with the store keeper, it was definite, it was a he. Yessss, Peter!Mama’s bringing you home. The next day, I left the apartment. Toshiki-san was assigned to take good care of Peter. However, long story short, Peter went missing. Toshiki-san searched the entire apartment and decided to buy a new Winter White to cover his mistake. But he couldn’t keep it a secret because the same night he brought back a new Winter White, Peter came back. So he gave me a call, confessed everything and said he’ll name the newcomer, Tom.


Mind you, this story didn’t end there.


August 13, 2016: It was a Saturday, I found three little pups appeared in the cage. I was freaking shocked! How did it happen?! Peter and Tom…they’re buddies. Occasionally I found them humping with each other. I’ve always believed that homosexuality exists even in the animal kingdom. So I couldn’t care less but now with Peter pooping out three pups, Peter’s no Peter! Peter’s actually a she. No, we didn’t encounter any science discovery. It was just an honest mistake made by the storekeeper and us as newbie pet owners who didn’t bother to google how to determine their sex. Meanwhile, Janet who was traveling in Bali, received the news and helped me named Peter as Patrice. I quickly googled everything I could about how to be a grandmama, I mean how to take care of the pregnant Patrice and the three little fellas. I learned that a Winter White is rather independent. Just had to make sure not to disturb them and appear intrusive, otherwise, she might eat her own babies. Also, another important tip about this tricky situation is to separate the father. So Tom, you’re out!


Poor lustful Tom.

So I’ve pretty much summed up all the important events of my life in the past few weeks. Other commitments I need to resume include learning Japanese  (Memrise + Diary writing), practicing ukulele, and reading more books.

Can’t wait to put everything back on track!







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