Excerpts from My Journal

On Saturday, August 20, I have given my last presentation in my university life. It was a rather emotional day for me. I put on my graduation goggles and spent the day treasuring the time with friends and really just appreciating the town that has treated me pretty well for 5 years.


A couple of days ago, I have received a bad news from home. My mom fell down from the bike and got her leg injured. She would be walking with one of her legs wrapped with the orthopedic cast for a month. Mom can finally take a long break from her job. Like the sun, mom worked 24/7. This is the golden opportunity for mom to grasp, and her big gain is my huge loss. Daddy and my eldest sister is working, my little sister is still attending school, I am the only one without any good excuse. Hence, I have to sacrifice my personal time for the family for the first time.


Mom job is not a joke. From morning till night, for countless times, I have wished to clone myself. The endless laundry list of house chores where laundry is actually one of the items. The more I worked, the more I pondered on how the hell mom pulled it off and still be able to keep a sane mind. Mommy is a tailor who works from home. Though she has the perk of having a flexible schedule, it also means that she has nowhere to escape, to distract herself, unless of course she’s able to allow herself to chill while the house chores await. I’m not sure about every other mom but that can’t be my mom. Every housewife has a little Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I’ve learned that the more you try to keep your home tidy, the more messy it becomes. It’s crazy! The supermarket is like my second home, no wait, more like my second workplace. And I’m definitely getting crankier, as expected, bitchy pills are attached with the job title. Honestly, I’ve only been taking up the mom job for two days and I find myself struggling to keep this post central to a theme or to even have it in the first place. Time management skills are critical and relevant more than ever.



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