Despite its awesomeness, many friends of mine still don’t know what a Kindle is and what can a Kindle do. Let me share with you in this post about my favorite gadget.
Kindle is an E-book reader. It enables you to download books from the virtual world such as Amazon or you can check out , you can also transfer books in pdf format, or pdf documents from your PC to your kindle via a cable, not just any cable which allows you to charge the battery but the kind which can transfer data.

Kindle is really awesome especially if you’re already a bibliophile but even if you’re just a novice reader, you will fall in love with the beauty of words and the pleasure of reading.

Kindle’s three awesome features I love the most:

1. Vocabulary Builder

This is the best perk of E-book reading, other than Kindle, most of the E-book readers would allow you to search for meaning of the vocabulary such as my iPhone and iPad by only pressing it for a few seconds. But Kindle does more than that, it actually compiles all the words you have searched for definitions into an isolated document or book called Vocabulary Builder. This is fantastic! I don’t have to jot down into my notebook, I just need to refer to it after I’m done reading. Awesome!

2. My Clippings

My reading habits include highlighting phrases which are catchy, relevant and simply awesome. Every book I have read except for those I’ve borrowed has been highlighted. I’ve already appreciated very much the feature of able to highlighting and Kindle has to top it with another level of awesomeness which is to compile all my highlighted phrases into a document or a book known as My Clippings. Isn’t it dope?!

3. Super big font size

I wear specs. I can’t live without them. But at times I’d find myself in situations whereby I can’t read with my specs. For instance, when I’m at the salon and the hairdresser is doing my hair, I have to take off my specs. Without my sight, I’d be so bored coz I can’t observe my surrounding, I usually won’t allow my friends to go along with me coz I know it’d take some time. The magazines won’t help because the words are freakish small. Pictures can only entertain me for a while and I hate small talks with the hairdressers. In short, Kindle is my best company. With its super big font size, I don’t worry about taking my specs off. I’d be happy to read without my specs!



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