Waze – My Way

When I was a kid, I used to worry that I would never get out from my home because I wouldn’t survive finding my ways. Once I was very little, I used to part with my parents in a shopping mall and that bad experience is still haunting me till this day. The feeling of lost, of being trapped, is terrifying, as if in a maze, I kept trying to find a way out but either every path seemed familiar or every path felt new. I think this fear never truly left even after I grew up, it must be sitting somewhere in my mind and ready to take charge because every time I was lost, that fear came back and reminded me of that first creepy sensation. For a “road idiot” as myself, I can’t tell how grateful I am to inventors of Global Positioning System. Though this ain’t the first year I started driving, it is definitely my first year of fully utilizing the app, Waze.

Now I have struggled with Waze for quite some time, personally I love Waze because of two things: 1. it tells me when there is a speed camera, 2. it helps avoid traffic. But I have experienced getting lost a couple of times due to the “wrong” directions directed by Waze, in the end I realized that, yeah there were some circumstances whereby the registered location was inaccurate but most of the times I got lost or that Waze had to recalculate was because I failed to follow the directions. And I’ve learned that there are actually some techniques to apply Waze. So in this blog, I’d like to discuss some of the things you need to bear in mind for some of the Wazers who aren’t sure about Waze.

First things first, if it is within your power, check the address properly. But I understand some of you rely on Waze to tell you the address. Like I said, it can be inaccurate and thereby unreliable. So if you can, try to get the accurate address so that Waze will not misguide you. You can also rely on your logic to tell whether the location makes sense by your knowledge on the Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) or the distance (km/miles), or you can check with someone. Next, just hit the road! Nah, I’m just kidding. Now, what’s also important or should I say, more important about using Waze other than choosing the right location is that you should follow the directions carefully and by carefully i mean to watch out for a few things. Basically, Waze needs you to multitask. To be more specific, it needs your eyes to multi-check, you need to see or check a lot of things especially if you’re driving alone. Other than checking your mirrors constantly, you need also to check on the sign of direction, viz, left, right, which exit at the roundabout, U-turn, etc. You need to check the distance before you make a turn. And check the street or area’s name with perhaps a sign board to ensure certainty before you make the turn. Also,  Check the map, see whether the road in front similar with the Waze map on your device. From my experience driving in Kuala Lumpur, I realized that big cities tend to have lots of junctions. These branches can be really frustrating. For example, one minute you’re on the right lane, the next minute a junction shows up and the road you’re on suddenly becomes a left lane and you have to go to the right side so that you won’t make a left turn before you should. Here’s when the map can really help you. Look at how the structure of the road is and make sure you are on the correct lane at all times. Of course, besides checking with your eyes, listening to the direction can also help enhance driving efficiency. Anyway, when in doubt, just drive slowly so that it can better detect your position and help you recalculate your route if necessary.



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