My Hobby

Today I wanna encourage you to read. Though I am not a very smart consumer who spends his money wisely and is willing spend time to compare the prices from different sources before making a choice to buy or not to buy; I am really lucky to have the natural disposition of indifference towards things in the department stores.  As I grow older, I hold more firmly towards my belief of many things in life aren’t really necessary as I’ve come to adopt the minimalist approach of life. However, there’s this one item which I find myself struggle to resist, and that is, you guessed it, book(s). I share the same sentiment with the girl next door who seems to always have a reason or occasion to buy a new pair of shoes. I, on the other hand, always seems to be able to talk myself into buying a new literature. I do always sell myself as an avid reader. The fact is, I do struggle, like many, when it comes to reading. I simply have too many books awaiting for my undivided attention and time. And most of the time, I fail to sit down quietly with a book in my hand. Yet, whenever I’m at the book store, I would still search for another book, and another book, and another book.

Some time during the midyear as my partner and I decided to move to a new state, I had a chance to redecorate my personal reading corner. I left most of my books, those that I’ve read, in my hometown. And just brought along those that I either haven’t read or want to read again.We bought a pair of wooden book-ends. They’re from Daiso so it’s just RM5.30 a piece. Anyway, as I was arranging my books, I pondered about this hobby of mine. Once I was 7 years old, my wise uncle said to me that if you can just spend some time reading a few pages in a day, the knowledge in those few pages will be yours and no one can take that away from you,” except of course, Alzheimer, Parkinson and other diseases which can cause memory loss. But I get his point. He was telling me that reading is really beneficial. I wish I could’ve understood that when I was struggling with Physics in high school. Anyway, I started developing my reading habit when I enrolled in a Foundation Program in a university. Though I’ve always scored the highest mark in class for English language in primary school and high school, I knew that I should expand my vocabulary size to understand better in a learning environment whereby English was the sole medium of instruction, especially because I signed up for a teaching training program for Teaching English as Second Language. I felt responsible to improve myself so reading was my first strategy. I bought a lot of books and soon I found myself finding pleasure in reading.

Having the pleasure to read is one thing, having the time to read is another. I always find myself complaining about how I have scarce of time to read. You see, the thing is, you know that book deserves your 100% attention and when you can’t find a “perfect” time to read as you know it’ll be hard to put down the book once you’ve started so you give up reading entirely in the first place. At least, I do that. And I hate that. So what I wanna tell you and myself is to get over it. To just listen to the wise man and just read a few pages. Really actively read those few pages and get over it. Reading is a marathon but not a race. Now that I’m done with college, I don’t have to read to sit for an examination, I don’t have a deadline for any book. I can take my time. I can read concurrently a few books a week. In fact, I made myself a reading list, 7 days in a week, 7 books in a week. And in each book, I will read a few pages every day. That’s it. I have made my selection of the books that I will read for as long as I can. Other than printed books, I have e-books in my Kindle and I have also set an hour every day to read the books in my Kindle. I’m lucky that reading is my passion, unfortunately it might not be yours but you don’t need me to tell you how books can transform lives. You probably already knew that via some youtubers, or other channels which give you information.

Let me just encourage you today to start reading by saying that reading helps me to feel more stupid, sorry that it came out this way but it’s true. By feeling more stupid, I know that there are so many things out there that I can learn so that I will not become cocky and self-contented to a point whereby I stop growing. I refuse to have the feeling that I know everything because I don’t. And reading keeps reminding me that. Bottom line is, keep learning. My strategy may be the dullest but I dare to say, reading is the safest route to become more educated and more informed. Keep calm and read on!       14429176_1252698118108265_824227050_n



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