Ajahn Sumedho

The mind of an enlightened human being is flexible and adaptable. The mind of the ignorant person is conditioned and fixed.

Basically, this post is to promote the idea that : It’s okay to change your mind. In fact, it is advisable to change your mind. Of course, change for the better and not for worse. Hilary Clinton once said something that goes like this, as you learn, you change. It’s true. After you have gone through something, or learned something, you will tend to think differently, the ways you see things will be influenced by many internal and external factors and ultimately, you will change your mind, unless of course, you are the latter type of person mentioned above. Everyone is entitled to their opinion at this point of time but they should not be held accountable to what they have said in the past because at that time, they might have held a certain belief yet at this point of time, they have changed their mind and that they have forsaken such belief and now believe otherwise.

Hence, It is unwise to accuse someone by quoting what they have said especially after a long time. Time is said to have the power to heal, to mend, to cure, to solve, and to change. When time has passed, what someone said matters no more. But I don’t mean talk is cheap and that you should give empty promises. Promises involve words that are used in future tense. So, be wise to choose your words carefully. What I wanna emphasize here is that I believe opinions should be subjected to change and that when someone does not ask for yours, it is usually wise to keep it to yourself so that you will not offend anybody accidentally.

When I referred to my own blog posts from a couple of years ago and even those from a couple of months ago, I don’t exactly believe everything I’ve written anymore. But I will not edit them because that was who I was, and this is who I am. You should check the date in which I have posted saying this and that and you should perhaps consult with my opinion at this very moment, whether it has been changed, just like when you are reading a book, you can’t always take in everything it said, you must consider the time when the author has written something and whether there is any new edition to that version. Most of the times, there isn’t any new editions and so critical thinking comes in handy to help you pick what to believe in, anyhow, you should make your own judgement, and always keep your mind open.

Bottom line is and  I cannot stress this enough, I am not trying to express my opinion so that you will adopt my thinking, remember that you didn’t ask for my opinion but you have chosen to read my blog. So hope you like my opinion 😛





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