I can’t remember when was the last time I decluttered my emails. As I have been trying to diminish the control or power I gave to my OCD, I enabled the icon badge of Mail on my iPad to show up, (if you have been reading my Japanese diary, you would have known that I have recently dropped my iPhone to the toilet bowl that was filled with a mixture of disgusting yellow liquid and water), the inbox was so full, though I have been reading some of them whenever I could spend a few extra minutes scanning the content before I was zoned out and remembering that I had something better to do, I knew I had to get rid of them. You faithful readers should know that I’ve finished college, I don’t have a real job, and so basically my emails consist of a bunch of newsletters that I have subscribed without putting much commitment obviously. Through this activity of decluttering, I wanna just start over. It is my intention to really get rid of those subscriptions that I no longer see fit and to keep those I will really put an effort into. So basically, I wanna go through my list and I wanna determine which to unsubscribe.
1. The New Yorker (That’s basically like my newspaper which gives me multiple interesting articles, I will keep this and maybe just go about like reading one or two at max each day.)
2. World Affairs Journal (I have subscribed this because I thought I wanna improve myself to become a more informed human being on this earth, this planet and the society at large but if i were to be genuinely honest with myself is that the reason I didn’t spend time reading the articles despite how interesting the titles were presented, I have problems with understanding the text, I find it very difficult to understand without a prior knowledge on certain matters which kinda decrease my motivation to wanna keep reading them, so I am still in dilemma with this one, with the tempting idea of wanting to know something about everything and everything about something, I think I’m gonna go ahead and keep this subscription and go on with my life-long learning goal.)

3. BookShout (definitely keeping it, it shows me a lot of good deals)

4. Investopedia (in which I learned about money and finance because I believed that everyday life has everything to do with the economy, I wanna give up on this one because I just wanna improve myself to become a better informed consumer when it comes to the topic of economy, since I’m not interested in doing any business, of coz it might sound contradicting with the aforementioned idea but I think I can have other channels to learn about the economy, perhaps I can find some more interesting presentations about economy to capture my attention.)

5. Mindtools (That’s where I get my all the information about management, leadership, meditation and so much more that aims to empower one’s psyche and soul; i like the way it was presented, the language used was much simpler, it helped me understand easily and so I wanna keep this.)

6. The Free Dictionary (Oh, I totally forgot about this subscription, the thing is I don’t check my emails quite often and this one always got missed out, but I will definitely keep this and since I’m decluttering, I’m sure it will pop out on the top to get my attention. What I like about this subscription was that it was very helpful for me as I wanna become an English teacher, it helps to improve my English especially on idioms which I am not very good at it.)



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