The Story of Peter

About four months ago, I had my eyes on Peter – a Winter White hamster, who turned out to be a female hamster, so my sister renamed it to Patrice. Let me share with you a little backstory before we dive into the recent affairs of my new family. On the first day of Peter’s arrival, he was the cutest thing in the world, at least in my eyes. Although we were strangers to him, he let us hold him without making a fuss, without making any squeaky noise. We loved him fiercely. But I had to leave on the same day so I begged Toshiki San to take extreme care of him and as you might have recalled, he didn’t do his job so well or perhaps it was Peter who outsmarted him. At midnight, after Toshiki San went to bed, Peter, who must have explored the cage and found a loophole, decided to go on a little adventure in the scary dark world. God knows where he was hiding the whole time. Toshiki San rummaged through the entire apartment the next day after realizing Peter’s absence. He was almost late for work but he didn’t give up until the last minute. He swore that he had even gone out of the apartment and searched the alley but Peter was nowhere to be found. Throughout his whole day at work, afraid to be confronted by me, he thought of a brilliant idea which seed was planted by Janet the day before – “if Peter died, just get another one from the store, she’ll never know the difference.” So my brilliant boyfriend went to the store after work, purchased another Winter White only to realize that Peter was back, sitting quietly near the cage and waiting to be fed. Anyway, Peter was really gone, even before we found out that he’s a she, you see, ever since Peter went on a little secret trip, whatever he had encountered must have been the cause of this madness – Peter was completely different, he started biting our fingers, I could no longer hold him in my palm like I used to.

Let’s forward a little, in my post, Resumption, you’ve read about how Peter (or Patrice to be exact) gave birth to 3 beautiful pups but only two survived – Peter (real Peter this time) and Phoebe. Peter and Phoebe stayed with Patrice until they no longer need to be breastfed. The mad Patrice started to bully Peter and Phoebe and so we had to take Peter and Phoebe out and put them in another cage we put Tom in. We put Tom back into the cage of Patrice, they didn’t fight but were living happily.


Patrice with her first three newborn pups.


The real Peter.


And this would be Phoebe.

So, days and months went by and just two weeks ago, October 18, 2016, we found new pups from Patrice and Tom’s cage. This time, Patrice gave birth to 8 pups. But unfortunately, we lost 5 of them and one of the five was missing, so in total, we have buried 4 bodies. Each time we found a dead pup in the cage, we dressed in black, put it in one of my ring boxes, (a navy blue casket, literally, casket or coffin if you prefer British English), held a brief wake and a funeral.


Now these are the 3 pups remained. Hopefully, they will survive.



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