A View-Changing Trip

In the midst of November, I went on a trip with my best friend and I was once again reminded to embrace my country with its strong richness of beauty, freedom, acceptance and love. As I was once again seeing my country through the eyes of a foreigner, I learned to stop complaining about the Tropicana weather, I learned to stop comparing its education system with that of Finland, I learned to be proud of being a citizen of a developing country as its status suggest, we’re developing, we’re not quitting, we’re not resting, we’re thriving. We’re trying our level best, we’re using what we have and we continue to develop. We are so blessed with the natural resources and interesting people, and though we might not be number one in this world (at least not at the things that “really” matter), we retain our rich and special culture with an open-minded attitude by accepting and embracing good changes. Before I get more emotional, let me just clarify a few things, I’m not here trying to sugarcoat some of the real issues occurring in this country, I am merely making a choice to see the good side of this country and I believe only with that kind of optimism instead of hopelessness will I truly play my role well and make good contribution to this country.

I’m going to end this post by sharing with you some shots I took during the trip. I was quite surprised at how I could have lived all these years taking granted for so many beautiful sceneries surrounding me. The good thing is, it’s not too late for me. P



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