Last Saturday I attended my convocation ceremony. It was indeed a nostalgic day for me. As I was sitting there along with my course mates and other graduands, I couldn’t help but reminisce about the last 5 years we spent as a group. My course mates and I have gone through exactly 15 semesters together – Foundation course and Bachelor Degree. I think it’s safe to say that we have all grown throughout these 5 years. We are certainly no longer the same individuals as the day we first met. We came as strangers and left as friends. Thanks to the fact that we come from different parts of Malaysia, we got to learn things about other states and different subtle cultures. As we stayed under the same roof and studied at the same campus, we came across one another day in day out, it certainly feels weird now that we are destined to be apart and probably not crossing one another’s path, to go back to where we come from and for some, perhaps to other places.

After the ceremony, we took some photos and went our separate ways. So I’d like to dedicate this blog post to all my lovely course mates.

Dear EP group

I miss you already. It was truly a blessing to be studying with y’all. I remember the first day as I stepped in UTAR, I didn’t dare to have eye contact with anybody. I was a very quiet and mysterious girl with chapped lips. Truth be told, I was having my PMS, it was not a good day for me. Anybody who tried to talk with me failed miserably as I only replied with very few words and I did not initiate. It was as if I was rejecting the world. But later as I started to break the ice with y’all, you must have realized that I was not how you imagined. When we got closer, I became louder and crazier and then you saw the real cheerful side of me as I saw the real you.

As we were “forced” to carry out projects together as a big team, we really showed teamwork and dedication. I love how we worked together. I cherish every meeting we had. I miss how our Rep. always had to shush us to get our attention. I miss those days when we cycled under the sun and the rain and rushed to the lecture halls or the language lab. I miss the events we held together, how we made them so grand and realistic, how we dressed up so seriously. I love our enthusiasm, our motivation to do presentations, our passion towards language and teaching.

Though we did inevitably form cliques as high school never ends, our connection and love for one another did not fail. I believe we have learned not only from the classes we attended but more importantly, we have learned to grow as social animals, to have better acceptance and tolerance towards our differences. Like any other friendships, we had our ups and downs. Sometimes because we did not understand one another well enough, we had our tensions and conflicts but when we reunited today in this very hall, I believe we have once again buried the hatchet and have decided to be kind to one another, to only treasure the good moments and learn from our experiences. I admire all of your individual personalities, together, we were truly a great team.




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