My favorite breakfast

Back when I was still studying in my beautiful lakeside campus, my best solution to staying awake throughout a 2 hour lecture was McDonald’s black coffee. It also worked like charm whenever I had a presentation to deliver, helped me to reach to a peak condition and keep my head in the game. Along with the aromatic black coffee, ever since the introduction of the Brekkie Wraps, I’ve been hooked with both Brekkie Wrap with Chicken Roll and Brekkie Wrap with Sausage,  accompanied by a golden crunchy hash brown,  that’s my version of a great start to a new day. I love this set of breakfast so much that yesterday I decided to hunt for the ingredients and promised myself to attempt at making it this morning. 

In this blog post, I’d like to share with you my success and failure at making this set!

First of all, I went for grocery shopping with my canvas bags because the stores these days stopped providing plastic bags, which is a good change if you asked me. Anyway, I bought some chicken slices, cheddar cheese, frozen hash browns, potato tortilla wraps, and things like milk, eggs, pepper, butter, oil, and coffee, I already got them in my fridge and cabinet. 

I used the coffee maker to brew the coffee, that was the first thing I did in the kitchen this morning. Uh no, I stand corrected, the very first thing I did was taking the frozen chicken slices and hash browns out from the freezer. Next, I was frying the hash browns and every once in a while I tried to flip them, the first few times I succeeded but they were but wasteful efforts for the hash brown hadn’t turn quite golden yet, I realized my mistake for not deep frying them, but it was all too late. When I tried to flip one of them again, it was broken into half, and I had to carefully turn it over so it wouldn’t become shredded. After the failed attempt at hash browns, I continued with heating my chicken slices, whisked the eggs and made scrambled eggs. Once my chicken slices and scrambled eggs were done, I prepared the tortilla wrap, placed a slice of cheese on top of it, followed by two slices of chicken, and finished it with some imperfect scrambled eggs. By then, my coffee was done brewing. Voila, my favorite breakfast was ready to be served.  I turned on some slow jazz music, started off with my falling-apart hash browns, rolled the tortilla wrap around the robust mixture of melted cheese, sizzling chicken slices and milky scrambled eggs, and finally, washed it down with my energy source – a cup of devilish black coffee added with some angelic white milk. 


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