My Perfect Day

The alarm in my phone went off at 8 sharp and immediately I opened my eyes, pressed stop, and rolled out of bed. Took a shower. Headed to the kitchen, made coffee. While waiting for the coffee to be brewed, I pulled out my yoga mat, switched on the telly, cast my youtube channel (Yoga lesson for Beginner) to the telly via Google Home and practiced yoga. Doing yoga in the morning was brilliant because usually, my mind was sort of clear and empty in the morning. All the distractions are yet to travel to that peaceful realm. After finishing yoga, I made breakfast while watching one of the episodes of Gordon Ramsay Homecooking. I chowed down every last morsel of my breakfast and cleaned the dishes. 11 AM my alarm jangled again, it was a reminder for me to hit the gym and cycle away for better knees.

I took a hot shower and sat down on my couch with a book in my hand, usually, it’s fiction, Mendelssohn violin music playing along with the sound of Teeny Tiny running in his hamster wheel. After reading 10 pages, I took a 5-minute break to let my mind wander and sometimes ponder about what I have just read then took my ukulele out and played with the chords, practiced a piece of song and then switched to another book, this time, non-fiction instead. I held out a highlighter, a pen to scribble things I studied in my notebook. When it was about time, I moved to my writing zone with my Notebook. Quota: 200 words. Words coming into my head and transferred from my fingers to the keyboard, in less than an hour, letters magically appeared in sentences which make perfect sense and in a logical manner. As I hit the last period on my page, I opened Chrome and googled my Japanese blog. When the clock in the rice cooker turned to 15:00, I took out my Japanese materials: Speaker, iPad, Textbook, Phrasebook, Grammar Notes,  revised what I’ve learned, practiced new items and completed writing a diary entry.


At 4 PM, I prepped the ingredients for a robust and mouthwatering dinner and waited for my partner to come home from work. My partner and I enjoyed our dinner. He would discuss with me what happened at work and I shared with him what I’ve learned during my day. We frolicked with our hamster family and headed out to the mall or to the park. By 10 PM, we hit the sack not to sleep but to play with our gadgets. He’d read the news and I’ll either do coloring while listening to an audiobook or setting a to-do list for the next day.


The above scenarios are what my perfect day constitutes of. It seems so achievable now that I write them all down but what’s really happening is that I need to battle with the sloth monster inside of me every single day to get those things done. It ain’t no easy task, my biggest enemy is indeed myself. You will not guess how many times I’ve failed. But I’ll keep trying ‘coz grit is what I need to succeed. If I don’t keep paddling, I ain’t going nowhere.


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