Waking up at 6 AM

Since the 3rd of July, I’ve ended my jobless phase and my alarm has then been adjusted two hours earlier than my normal wake-up time. In the past few months, I’ve come across the article about the Power of When theory (Dolphin, Lion, Bear, Wolf). But the reality is, no matter what your chronotype is if you have a day job, you work according to your day job. You change your mindset and find ways to adapt to the new chronology. You can’t afford to be inefficient during the time you’re at work because it’s unprofessional and inconsiderate. So I’ve listed what I am doing to help myself adjust to my new wake-up time.

Prep up breakfast or office snacks the night before.

Plan for the next day (know what you need to do).


Select an inspiring image to be your phone’s wallpaper (and change it regularly or according to the season).


Get the bags ready the night before.


Turn on the light and do yoga after drinking a glass of water.



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