What’s So Wrong About Bringing Work Home?

Lately, I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts sharing about achieving balance especially in the line of teaching. I feel like I have met with some challenges in the path of pursuing “balance” in my daily life ever since I started my day job. As much as I salute the idea of not bringing work home, I found myself doing exactly that every single day. I even schedule my weekends to do work which is relevant to my day job. Is this healthy? I’m not sure. But so far, I’m enjoying it.

For starter, I love my workplace at home better than my little desk at the office where I rarely able to spend much time at. Compared to staying late at the office, I rather bring home work that I can do while enjoying the cuppa or TV or frolicking with my hamsters because some of the work is basically no brainer. I can just do them while listening to my favorite songs which I can’t do at the office for the sake of work ethic.

Confucius once said and I paraphrase, “pick the job you like and you won’t feel like you’re working every single day.” I’m lucky to be able to say that I’m having the job that I like, even though it comes with a lot of “irrelevant” paper work to do, but C’mon, it’s in the package. No matter how much you like your job, there will be something or somebody you don’t feel fancy about, and learning how to deal with things you don’t like is a whole area of opportunity for growth especially in terms of character development.

So maybe I should change my perspective towards the whole idea of “balance”. Maybe bringing work home doesn’t make my life imbalance. I mean, as long as you know what comes first, what your priority is, what you want to invest your time on, and you actually do all the things you want to do according to your flexible timeline, then it’s safe to say that you are having a balanced life.



Sketching out the things I wanna juggle is really helping me to see the bigger picture and be satisfied with my life in general.




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